Greene County, and Jefferson in particular, continue to lead the way in modern, environmentally-efficient methods of recycling used and unwanted products back into the environment, thereby keeping the earth safe and pristine for future generations of Jeffersonians. Recycling not only allows our children and grandchildren to enjoy the earth in the state in which it was created, it also enables Al Gore to capitalize by selling carbon offsets to those who are unwilling or unable to adapt to these techniques.


Although it may be said that Jefferson has been slow in adopting recycling procedures, there are signs that changes are on the way.


New residents are currently being encouraged to join in Jefferson’s most recent efforts in this field. Just four miles northwest of town, a sight has been set aside exclusively as a depository for any old or unused rubber tires they may own. There is absolutely no charge for dropping off your tires in this area, providing you do it either at night or when Jack and Mildred are not home.


Recent studies at NYU have shown that these tires will gradually biologically break down over the course of the next 1.25 million years, and will become a part of nature once again, which is after all, where they came from.