The Jefferson Iowa News®

How would you like to be cleaning out your garage and run into all this stuff?!? This is where we store all the old Jefferson and Greene County souvenirs, mementos, and junk. We don't keep it in an attic; we keep it here, on line. Feel free to send us additions, as this collection is growing daily. Listed below, in no particular order, you will find calendars, ashtrays, pens, bottles and bottle openers, tokens, and anything else we have related to Jefferson, and of which we have no place else to store. Sure beats cluttering up the garage!

Jefferson Fire Department badge

Jefferson State Bank bank

Greene County Centennial ashtray

St. Joseph's chocolate doubloons

Churdan Centennial bell

Strunk's Auto Service bottle opener

Jefferson Bottling soda bottle


Dudley Store 25 cent token (Churdan)

Jefferson Police Department patch

Redwood Inn ashtray


Mahanay Tower keychain

Ralston-Jefferson boxcar


Kendall trade token

Rozell belt buckle

Lutheran Church mugs

Rippey Bank candy dish


Kretz Press wooden nickels

Greene County courthouse salt and pepper shakers

Grand Junction Centennial coin

Stock Food Company cap

Jefferson, Iowa spoon

JCHS student handbook


Dudley Store dollar token (Churdan)

Bowling Greene pen

Slininger's Funeral Home thermometer

Fat's DX Station matchbook cover

Cooper School plate

Reimer's Funeral Home fan

Jefferson Public School plate

Shuey's Rexall Pharmacy bottle

Greene County Sheriff patch

Turner Seed Company sack


Greene County Centennial wooden nickels

Hannah's Redwood Inn steak sticker


Rural Electric Co-op Token

KDLS ashtray

Mahanay Tower medallion

Blaess Shoe Store shoe horn

Dunlop Implement matchbook cover

Jefferson Bottling soda bottles

Brown Shoe Fit comic book

C.D. Olive mechanical pencil (Jefferson)


Churdan Centennial coin

Standard Oil calendar (Rippey)

L.J. Grisier jug

Farlin Church of Christ cornerstone

Doreen Wilber trading card

Paton Centennial coin

Freund's Buffet token (Jefferson)


Super Grip Tool Company (Jefferson)

Derby Gas trading stamp book

Mahanay Tower Christmas ornament

Ideal Equipment sign

Scranton High School pennant

Grand Junction Centennial bowl

Egli Hatchery fan

Don's Barber Shop toothpick holder

Paton Centennial coin

Ralston-Jefferson hopper car

Home Bankers ashtray


Raaz Soda (Jefferson Bottling)

North Grade School brick

First National Bank Rippey matchbook cover

Head's Opera House tickets

Jefferson Public School china

Lincoln Highway cigars

Kendall trade tokens

Harold Motor Company license plate


Grand Junction Centennial coin

Assorted Jefferson buttons

Mahanay Tower ashtray

Borden's Dairy Products bottle opener (Grand Junction)

Gordon Cafe matchbook cover

Cooper School cornerstone

Grand Junction stoneware


Dunlop Implement bread knife

Jefferson-Perry cowbell

McAtee Tire ashtray

National Plowing Contest medallion

Grand Junction dog tag

Mahanay Tower guides


Lutheran Church 50th Anniversary plate

Jack Oatts easel stand

Deep Rock road map

Elm Street Grocery calendar


Dudley Store five cent token (Churdan)

Greene County Fair button

Cooper High School letters


Schaal Oil Company matchbook cover


Howard-Iowa Products pencil

Grand Junction Centennial button

Churdan School plate

1972 Greene County license plate

Standard Oil calendar (Rippey)

Scranton Centennial ashtray


Welch Tavern token

Greene County Centennial wooden nickels


Scranton Centennial coin

Green Gables Cabins fans

Grand Junction dog tag


Cooper Centennial plate

Mahanay Tower spoon

Mister Fixum's Handy Hints

K.D. Towing ashtray (Rippey)


Jefferson Public School china

Ralston-Jefferson boxcar


Don's Barber Shop toothpick holder

JSHS announcements