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Jefferson is home to many examples of fine architecture. In our previous piece, we featured some of the most interesting buildings ever constructed in town. Now, we are going to show you some of the more interesting homes from around Jefferson. Most of these are still residences; at least one is now a business. Many have an interesting historic past. To make this piece even more entertaining, we thought that this time we would show the homes, and see if you recognized them. If you do, feel free to comment and share any knowledge you have of the house. Archivist Braxton Hicks has assisted with comments about each home's history. So, get started with a piece we call: "Who Lives Here?"



307 South Locust - longtime home of Velma Radebaugh


206 East Park - longtime home of abstractor Gail and Pauline Richardson, now home to Jim and Ann Ober, and their daughters Ellie and Hannah.


103 East Park - former residence of Paul & Madeline Benedict (Elite Cleaners) children: Jay and Diann; Ideal Mfg. owner Henry and Mary Stapleton, four daughters and son Craig. Current home of retired medical doctor Larry and Audrey Marshall.


506 South Wilson - home of Guy and Betty Richardson (attorney and abstractor) now grandson Nick and Sue Richardson


504 South Wilson - home of attorney O.G. and Mim Clause, medical doctor Alton and Lola Knosp, engineer Tom and Gina Harrington


106 West Park - previous owners include attorney Orville Harris, Mel Shanda, Kermit Henkes, Terry & Nancy Brown, Al and Kathy Meyer


508 South Wilson (pictured from Park Street) - home of Mike and Elizabeth Brunner (Jefferson Creamery). Still occupied by the Brunner family with Dick and Bill Brunner.


509 South Chestnut - former home of Gordon and Ardis Hemping. Barry Perkins is the current resident.


707 South Chestnut - the octagon shaped house where George Gallup of Gallup poll fame grew up. Last residents were pharmacist John and Mary Jo Green & family


608 South Wilson - home of Dr. Black, grandfather of Dr. E. Dean Thompson and Alice Ann Andrew; most know it as the long-time home of Robert and Frances Olson with their 11 children; current owners David and LeeAnna Ausberger


600 South Vine - home to Dr. George W. and Mrs. Franklin, early day doctor. Son Bill also lived there with his wife and children, Sandra and Billy; later owned by teacher Viola Hansmeier later living there with husband Cliff Pottroff; Chad and Marilee McDonald who worked for the Brenton Bank resided there briefly. Currently the home of Chris and Amy Milligan.


508 South Vine - early day farm home of the Gilliand family; many years later it was the home of Frank and Tommy Milligan with son Tom (first baby born at the Greene County Hospital - 1938) and sister Jane; then sold to Del and Dorothy Van Horn and named "Maple Hill Place". They lived there with sons Gary, Kent, and Todd. Latest residents are John and Karen Bossard.


201 West Edgewood - home built by civil engineer S.J. and Ethel Melson. Sold to Walter and Wilma Downes (Downes Style Shop), and later to hardware store owner Emil and Ruth Joens and son Merwyn; owned by Dennis and Sue Dunlop with twin daughters Daneen and Denise and twin sons Trent and Troy.


500 South Elm - long time home of Bill Hamilton who ran Hamilton Electric, Inc. His daughter Dorothy lived there until her passing. Then occupied by Don and Jean (McAtee) Feldmann for a few years. City administrator Mike and Sherry Palmer are the current residents.


306 West Harrison - home of Frank and Iris Milligan, parents of Frank & Bob, who owned the lumber yard in the 100 block of South Wilson; Dean and Lois McAtee (McAtee Tire) and now the home of Don and Jean (McAtee) Feldmann


400 West State - home of banker Warren and Mrs. Garst; later Kenneth and Catherine Parrish (she a school teacher) and daughter Candy; current owners are Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wilson


408 West Lincolnway - this was the home of Dr. and Mrs. Margaret Mae (Cockrill) Hanson, who after Dr. Hanson's death, was the wife of J. H. Peters; upon her death she willed $650,000 each to the Greene County Community Center, the Baptist Church, Eastern Star, and one other entity. During her lifetime the residence was sold to Steve and Ellie Brown who had the addition built to accommodate Browns Funeral Home


400 South Maple - long time residence of Albert and Ruby Burger who ran an implement dealership. Their children were Kay, Bill, and Jon; Fred and Beverly Ogren (F & D Construction) with their three boys Paul, Craig, and Steve; when Fred died Beverly married Jack Sinclair and remained here until her passing


108 Lincoln Place - home was built by James and Marilyn Copeland (Copeland Insurance) where they reside today. Sons Jim and John, daughters Jody (Terry) Lang and Julie. They shared their home with a number of foreign exchange students and entertained beautifully.


400 South Linwood (west on old highway 30) - home built by Dale and Jane Finch (Greene County Motors)


1606 Westwood Drive - home built by Ernie and Ann Grace Krieger (greenhouse and flower shop) where they currently reside. Children Kurt, Ross, Andy, and Suzanne


1509 Westwood Drive - residents are Farnhamville Coop executive Roger and Lyn Koppen


1507 Hawthorne Lane - home of lawyer David and Rosemary (Holden) Hoyt and their children


300 South Maple - Medical Doctor and Mrs. Brinker, then Loran and Gracelyn Durlam with children Sue, Dave and Joan; Rick and Clay Morain; current owners are William and Kathleen Steussey, sons Bryan, Kevin, and Nathan


105 South Maple - long time home of Fred and Lois Morain (Bee and Herald) who raised children Rick, Bill, Steve, and Tom and daughter Deborah married to dentist Randall Burnight of Sioux City. Current home of Rick and Kathy Morain (Bee and Herald)


306 South Locust - home with an elevator! Was the home of W. J. (Wally) and Elizabeth Barrett (Barrett Motor Supply); city manager Tim and Sherri Moerman with their daughters Kristin, Lisa, and Stacey. More recently the home of Lutheran pastor Dave and Janie Simonson with Tara, Zec, and Hanna