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  Jefferson Iowa News Endorses Bachmann

Jefferson Iowa News editor Rick Bland announced yesterday that the entire staff and organization of JIN will be lending support to the presidential candidacy of Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann. This comes just three short days after her somewhat disappointing last-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. "We may not have finished strong enough to capture any delegates here," stated Bland, "but we came away with something more important - momentum."

JIN has long been a supporter of her candidacy, and Bland refuses to let the most recent setbacks demoralize him. "Of course it was tough losing her campaign manager to the Ron Paul camp," said Bland. "Having her drop out of the race was certainly problematic, too. But now is not the time to abandon her. We plan on staying on the horse we rode in on."

Also problematic will be the fact that Bachmann will not appear on primaries in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Nevada, California, Ohio, New York, Georgia, Missouri, and 33 others. Bland was not dissuaded. "We have a lot in common with this candidate. We agree with her that we should pay absolutely no income taxes, we should default on all our bills, and that gay marriage is the single most important issue confronting America at this time."


Rick Bland, contributor