Weather baloons spotted in Jefferson iowa 

By Tars Tarkus staff reporter/photographer


Early last Tuesday morning I, Tars Tarkus, was traveling Northbound on highway 4 when I noticed three objects that appeared to be hovering above the Raccoon Valley Golf Course.  I stopped to take photos and was immediately greeted by Jefferson Chamber of Commerce member Berizagg Blizmarraak XXIII.  Berizagg was happy to explain the phenomenon.

“There is nothing alarming here.  These are three weather balloons.  Merely scientific devices used in research by your Earth weather scientists.  People must abandon this area and return to their humanoid nesting areas.  I will remain here for two solar days and wish for no human life forms to interfere.  There is nothing to be concerned about.  I ask all to cooperate or suffer terrible consequences.  Please remember to call Blizmarraak Rain Gutters for all your rain gutter needs. They are now galvanized. I am finished with my communication.”

Once again Jefferson's Berizagg Blizmarraak XXIII was “Johnny on the Spot” helping the community.  A big thank you to Mr. Blizmarraak for taking time out of his busy day to do this interview.