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I'm madder than two hogs in a dry waller after reading the federal government's most recent farm subsidy reports! Where do you think most of Jefferson's welfare recipients live? North of the tracks? In some trailer park? Maybe out in Farlin or Cooper? Wrong!!

The vast majority live in prosperous parts of town, in homes worth several hundred thousand dollars! That's right! Go to and read it for yourself!

It seems that the wealthiest 10% of farmers in Iowa collect three-quarters of all agricultural subsidies dished out! These guys, who don't even need it, are lining their pockets with free money provided by all of us hard-working, tax-paying Americans!

The following recipients are listed from Greene County as having received over a million dollars in government handouts between 1995 and 2006:
1. Hunter Farms ... $2,659,000.00
2. Donald Dunlop ... $1,214,000.00
3. Paul Mears ... $1,128,000.00
4. Kathryn Shriver ... $1,086,000.00

It is also reported that even though in many states only 5-30% of all farmers receive subsidies, in Iowa over 70% of them do! Now, most of these are perfectly legitimate and would not cause you to raise an eyebrow. BUT -- collecting millions of dollars for basically doing nothing to earn it strikes me has highly unAmerican!

Visit and see it with your own eyes! Draw your own conclusions! These people should stop and thank all the blue collar laborers and others whom they feel superior to for continuing to dole out mega bucks to feed their greed.

Write your senators and congressmen and let them know that you can vote, too!

Orville K. Bass, American

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