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Let's buy a house. Where do you want to live? How about we choose to live on a flood plain? That sounds sort of asinine, right? But, yet, millions of people do just that, every year. Here in Iowa, lots of folks were surprised this year when their homes were destroyed by flooding.

Guess what? Almost none of these "victims" were covered by flood insurance! Why not? Did they simply buy their homes and let their insurance lapse? Or maybe they never were covered in the first place?

Now, tell me how stupid would you have to be to live next to a river with a history of flooding and hope you never would have to broach this issue? I don't feel one bit sorry for these people. Maybe I want to purchase a home on the edge of a cliff. For years this cliff edge has been breaking off. All I know is that if it destroys my home, I intend to hold all of you other taxpayers equally responsible!

I'm madder than hell that I can't buy a home on Cape Hatteras in North Carolina without paying incredibly high insurance rates! I fully understand that every five years I will be wiped out, but I (being smarter than most) have factored in that I can count on government bailout money to rebuild.

When our forefathers first settled this land, they determined where they should build. That's why they didn't end up on flood plains! People need to quit complaining about their own bad choices!

Governor Chet Culver plans on touring Iowa to survey the damage caused, not by the recent flooding, but by his own disastrous leadership! Have you ever wondered why Terrace Hill was located on the top of a hill? Come on people, give me a break!

Orville K. Bass, American

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