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I'm madder than a starving polar bear at all the hubbub and false information being put forth by so-called "scientists" claiming that the earth is heating up and we are to blame! Everybody knows that weather patterns are cyclical and unpredictable. How often does your local weather forecaster screw up?

In the 1970's, well-known meteorologists and professors were saying we were entering another ice age. Time magazine even said so. Now, 30 years later, they claim the opposite, because we have had a few warm years. How about we wait a while and see how this plays out? Or are you afraid you will be under water before your next birthday?

A few centuries back, the Vikings were settling Greenland, and farming and raising livestock there. That's why it was called Greenland, for crying out loud! We are nowhere near that warm now. I think we got along OK back then.

Everybody seems incredibly concerned because ice shelfs are melting into the ocean. Hey, here's a news flash - ice shelfs float! When they melt, the ocean does not rise! Meanwhile on the Antarctic and Greenland continental plateaus, the buildup of snow and ice is increasing!

Nearly all modern scientists agree that the earth's "Little Ice Age" lasted from about 1300 until 1900 A.D. This was a temporary cooling of the planet that did not coincide with anything man did. This period caused the Greenland settlers, among others, to abandon their new territories. When this cooling ended, the earth rapidly heated up, from the mid-1800's through about 1940. Since 1940, we have actually been quite stable, climate-wise, by earth's standards.

Every time Al Gore or some other pointy-headed liberal says the sky is falling, how about let's not get in immediate lock-step with him like a bunch of lemmings. All you have to do is just stop and think, and figure this one out for yourselves!

Orville K. Bass, American

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