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I'm madder than a Muslim without a cave that Obama and a truly great American hero like John McCain are locked in a neck-and-neck struggle for the white house! Is the entire country stoned on pot??!?

Look at all of our greatest American presidents. They almost all had military backgrounds. U.S. Grant, Ike, Teddy Roosevelt, Zachary Taylor, George Washington, JFK, and the rest. Now, guess how many of our greatest presidents were minorities? Not very many, I'll bet.

Mr. Obama has decided this week that we should not try to locate new oil reserves. Absolutely not!
Even though the price of crude fell considerably when Mr. Bush simply came out in favor of it! Mr. Obama has not had to personally purchase a gallon of gasoline since it was under $1 a gallon!

Last month he informed the German government that he would be in town and would like to speak at the Brandenburg gate. This is a profound cultural location for the German people, as it marks the delineation between what was once a divided Germany. Exactly two Americans have been permitted to speak there in our lifetimes. They were JFK and Ronald Reagan. Perhaps the greatest Americans in the last 50 years. Apparently B. Hussein Obama feels he is in their league. NOT! Needless to say, he was refused permission.

He claims that he is the single greatest hope for mankind in the twenty-first century! God help us if he is not elected!

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what he bases his overly-inflated ego on. Apparently uninformed, naive, unsuspecting voters who think he offers hope for some unnamed new ideal which he refuses to elaborate on simply take him at his word. Would you let him roof your house?

The last time we voted in an inexperienced candidate who simply offered change, we got four years of Jimmy Carter, double-digit inflation, 20% interest rates, and double-digit unemployment! Americans need to wake up and smell the roses! Is your life really that bad?!?

Orville K. Bass, American

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