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I'm really madder than all get-out this time and just from watching the 2008 Olympics! Weren't these events at one time universal contests of stamina and physical endurance? At what point did we decide to award medals for ballroom dancing?

To make matters worse, the IOC has now decided that they will no longer recognize baseball or softball as "sports". Huh? This from the same people that brought you curling!! The sport of baseball is universally played to packed venues in North America, Central and South America, Asia, and the Pacific rim!

This ruling is obviously nothing more than an insult being hurled at America and our beloved national passtime!

I just watched something called "racewalking". Apparently the goal in this event is to go as fast as you can while making sure that you do not go too fast. If a judge feels you are going too fast, you will be disqualified. Huh? Speaking of judging, any event that is decided merely by the judgment of a bystander seems to me to be too random and transparently subject to the biases of judges. How are they selected anyway?

Try spending some time watching "synchronized diving" or "rhythmic gymnastics". The whole concept of these sports is an attempt to get two or more teenagers to follow each others' behavior exactly. How tough is that?

The modern Olympics needs an immediate injection of some truly great traditional sports. There are several in America to choose from. How about stock car racing? Calf roping? Fishing? Or maybe bowling? If you prefer to add an international flavor, one could select bull fighting, cock fighting, or maybe even beheading!

Start boycotting this farce calling itself "Olympic Games", and switch over to the Speed Channel!

Orville K. Bass, American

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