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I'm madder than hell at all the sanctimonious do-gooders out there who have taken it upon themselves to protect us from the evils of tobacco and are willing to light up and burn the constitution in the process.

First, they demanded separate areas where they could be separated from smokers. Then, they demanded that smokers be given very small areas in which to smoke. Now, they demand that nobody smoke anywhere where they can see them! It doesn't matter to them if every single patron in an establishment prefers to smoke. If one of these holier-than-thou asses ventures through the door, everyone else has to alter their behavior to please them.

They claim to be worried about second-hand smoke. Why not simply patronize establishments that adhere to that philosophy because of popular demand? They don't want anybody smoking outdoors in city parks, even when nobody else is around!

They like to bring up statistics showing that lung cancer kills lots of people every year. So does war, and nobody is banning that! Lots of things are bad for you. What should we criminalize next? Obesity? Alcohol? Believe me, these guys don't even want you smoking in your own home. They will attack that next.

Don't business owners and bar owners have rights, too? Don't frequent establishments that allow behavior you find annoying. That is called free enterprise. If business is bad, the owners will react accordingly. Why would these guys want to close down numerous small businesses just to make some kind of point?

The World Health Organization and other Nazis have stated that their purpose is to get tobacco outlawed worldwide. If people wanted smoke-free bars, you'd see them popping up naturally, and when they do, you have your smoke-free venues created by the free-market system.

Guess what? I don't like going to bars that play music too loud! That should be banned because I find it to be a terrific inconvenience. And bars full of fat people, I hate that. And while we're at it, let's ban body odor, perfume, hair spray, and flatulence.

You morons on the left will do whatever you can to make your dreams come true even if it means trampling the constitution and destroying our rights and liberties. Smoking is legal!

Orville K. Bass, American

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