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  Local Police Declare 2010 Bell Tower Festival A Success

In a surprise move, the Jefferson police department at the last minute moved the dates for the 2010 Bell Tower Festival ahead to May 21-23. Although many potential guests were undoubtedly caught off-guard by the move, the police declared the three-day event to be a complete success. "Attendance may have been down somewhat, but our job sure got a lot easier," stated a department official who preferred to remain anonymous.

Chamber of Commerce officials are claiming that attendance was near normal levels, but our staff photographer chose to differ. The photos on this page would seem to indicate that attendance was, indeed, down quite a bit. In fact, we couldn't find anyone there at all.

"This has been our most successful Bell Tower Festival to date," claimed a local police officer. "There were no noise ordinance violations, no incidents of public intoxication, and no traffic problems. Moving the date at the last minute has made the job of the police department considerably easier. No doubt we will look at repeating this in the future."


Submitted by Boyce Bailey (05-26-10)