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  Guard Vehicles Disappear After Being Painted

The Iowa Army National Guard unit posted in Jefferson released information Friday claiming they had lost three vehicles, including one tank and two pickups, shortly after they had been freshly painted. The Guard's regular maintenance schedule provides for the repainting of all vehicles owned by or stored in their facilities on a yearly basis. This includes, but is not limited to, jeeps, combat vehicles, and all transportation equipment. The estimated value of the lost vehicles is in excess of one million dollars.

Jim Bob Strepp, staff sergeant and spokesperson for the unit, stated, "This is the most baffling thing I have ever been up against. How can a tank just disappear? I mean, it's not like we left the keys in it or anything."
The losses were noticed shortly after the vehicles had been given a fresh coating of camouflage paint. "One minute, they were there being painted, and the next minute, we couldn't find them anywhere," an exasperated Strepp fumed. "We've been scanning the area for them all weekend."

Additional help from Camp Dodge has been summoned to help solve the mystery. Special officers trained in this sort of search are being brought in. It is hoped that these vehicles can still be located, as they no doubt by now blend in perfectly with their surroundings. If anyone has information regarding these disappearances, it is urged that they contact the appropriate authorities. They may remain anonymous.

Rick Bland, 04-26-2010