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  This Month's Senior Spotlight - Bill Smith

Many of you have probably walked past local resident Bill Smith's castle, located next to Ace Hardware in downtown Jefferson, without even noticing it (left). It is almost unnoticeable from the rest of the buildings around it, yet "Bill" has lived there his entire life. We are casting this month's senior spotlight on Mr. Bill Smith, who states that he is a retired engineer, from Jefferson.

Bill says he has lived in Jefferson his entire life, and retired several years ago. He enjoys taking long naps during the day, but can usually be awakened at night. He claims to really enjoy the night life and regrets not having retired sooner. Somewhat of a recluse, Bill doesn't currently belong to any social organizations, but hasn't ruled out joining in the future, as he plans on being around for a long while.

Bill was kind enough to pose for a quick photo (right). He can often be found puttering around his castle in the wee hours of the morning, working on one of his many projects. Keeping his residence up to code is probably a full-time job all by itself.

Mr. Smith tells us that he never had children but was married several times. He doesn't often get the chance to entertain, but would like to invite anyone curious to visit, one at a time, preferably. Let's all make Bill feel at home here in Jefferson!

Rick Bland, 10-17-2010