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  Local Cattle Mutilations Linked to Aliens

Several recent incidents of cattle mutilations in the Greene County area have led authorities to question if perhaps locals are not involved, but instead may be the work of extraterrestrials.

Seven times in the last 90 days, the sheriff's department has been called out to examine badly mutilated carcasses of cattle, and complete investigations were conducted each time. In each case local farmers, neighbors, and various youths have been interrogated, but no conclusions have been forthcoming.

Parents of possible suspects have repeatedly stated that their kids could not possibly be involved, and the livestock owners and employees have also been ruled out. At the same time, several of the suspects have continued to direct authorities toward unexplained lights and aircraft seen in the area just before the crimes.

Cattle mutilation continues to be a crime in 27 states and Guam, including Iowa. The carcasses of the cattle in each case appear to have been gutted, and the muscle tissue as well as internal organs are missing.

Sheriff's Department employees have donated their own livestock, in an effort to set up a "sting", with the apparent intention of entrapping the aliens. These cattle will be wearing wires, and video equipment will be used in conjunction with the operation.

Some local livestock owners who have been victimized have notified us here at that they have actually seen the results of these mutilations at local markets. The photo at left shows a meat case at a local supermarket which, we are told, contains nothing but mutilated cattle parts.

Local authorities have so far refused to follow up on this lead.

 Rick Bland, 07-09-2008