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  Poor Economy Causes Class Envy To Erupt

The recent downswing in national and local economic conditions has resulted in an eruption of class envy within the Jefferson community. Although this was somewhat anticipated, the overall extent of this problem was quite unexpected. Jobs, credit, and apparently, goodwill, seem to be scarce.

It is reported that in Jefferson, the new poor are being regularly discriminated against by the old, traditionally poor families. Apparently, local members of the old, traditional poor families regularly thumb their noses at these new, upstart poor folk. Areas of town that were once considered havens from this new group of downtrodden are now being overrun by people who are not welcome. People are hanging out at the tea room and Wet Goods and paying cash, forcing the old guard to scramble for newer locations.

These older, established poor families no longer have the country club to turn to, as it became a public area recently - further excacerbating the problem. The family pictured at left, who prefer to remain unnamed, state that they have been kicked out of local parks by people who claim they have lived there for years. They claim that "their credit was no good long before you guys even thought about destroying yours". Some Jefferson merchants who succeeded in running their businesses into the ground over a generation ago seem to be unwilling to share that distinction with these newer, recently-closed business owners.

Local clubs and civic organizations appear to have followed suit. Even out-of-work people who belong to these groups seem unwilling to allow any of the new, younger group of unemployed citizens into their midst. People who have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in farm subsidies from the federal government now look down on anyone unfortunate enough to be using food stamps.

Families hit hard by this most recent economic downturn report that even their children are harassed at the local schools. Kids are often made fun of for buying their clothes at Goodwill instead of at Dollar General. It seems that in Jefferson, at least, there is a definite pecking order when it comes to who lost their money, opportunities, and zest for life the earliest.  


 Spencer Straight, 09-20-2009