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  Customers Refuse to Return Recalled Cribs

Thousands of Babco Toodlesleeper cribs were recalled last week, amid growing safety concerns. The drop side of the crib has a tendency to come off its track, creating a hazardous gap which may lead to entrapment or suffocation of the infant. Several of these models were sold to Jefferson residents, and those we spoke to did not seem happy about the recall.

In fact, the Jefferson area consumers we interviewed (although requesting anonymity) were defiantly refusing to return their cribs either for a replacement or a refund. "No way in hell am I assembling another crib!" snapped one resident. "If they want this thing back - too bad. It's their own damn fault for not making it right the first time!"

Another resident and purchaser of the toodlesleeper said he hoped his 14-month-old daughter Alexa gets her head stuck between the bars so that he can sue their asses. Representatives from Babco could not be reached for comment.

More on this story as it develops.

Boyce Bailey, 08-03-2010