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  Unexplained Crop Circles Appearing Locally 

Several Greene County area farmers are reporting cases of so-called "crop circles" forming overnight in their fields, destroying crops and defying local authorities to explain their origin. That is, until recently.

Jefferson Iowa News arrived at the home of Lynn and Michelle Hardin, of rural Greene County, last week when we were invited to investigate the most recent occurrence of this phenomena. What we found was, in essence, a large trampled down area in a field shown best in the photo taken from overhead (at left). No plausible explanation was offered, and our staff investigators were invited to poke around and formulate ideas.

The occurrence of crop circles has been well documented over the past several years, and has justifiably been met with extreme skepticism by the scientific community. However, this was the first time that our investigative staff was actually asked to research an individual case.

It appears by the photo that it would be extremely difficult for humans to duplicate this pattern, especially at night when visibility would be poor. On the other hand, it seems improbable, at best, to agree with Lynn's opinion, that a giant creature left a vast footprint in his field, especially when there seem to be no accompanying prints in the area.

No member of Lynn's family or their immediate neighbors have feet that large, as our investigators quickly determined. This pointed our search in another direction. Our crew combed the area around the farmhouse and outbuildings and discovered what they had suspected originally.

The crop circle(s) in question were created by humans! Yes, the proof was there for anyone bothering to take the time. We uncovered what obviously was a small cache of future crop circles, all rolled up and ready to lay in place!

Apparently, these "crop circles" are constructed and warehoused at a central location and then moved into farmers' fields at night (photo at left). The crop circles shown here are built on their side for easy relocation, then are laid flat at their final destination!

A summary search of surrounding farmsteads brought forth a plethora of similar crop circles which were undoubtedly prepared and ready to be dispatched on unsuspecting farmers in the area. All talk of "alien beings" and such can at this point be written off. Although no laws were apparently broken, we here at Jefferson Iowa News never cease to be amazed at the lengths some people will go to in order to achieve brief notoriety and a moment in the spotlight.

 Rick Bland, 11-24-2008