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  Jefferson High School Updates Curriculum

Students attending Jefferson public schools this fall will notice an updated curriculum. Many of the classes they and their parents are familiar with have been replaced with studies that reflect the community's growing concerns regarding the deteriorating morals of society. The school board approved these changes over the summer, and even though most of the new courses are not rated as college-bound material, students will nonetheless be required to attend them if they wish to graduate.

This partial list of changes has been made available to Jefferson Iowa News; more changes are expected, however.

Old Course - Algebra
New Course - Numerology

Old Course - Family Planning
New Course - Chastity (girls only)

Old Course - American Literature
New Course - Bible Study

Old Course - Government
New Course - 10 Commandments

Old Course - Physiology
New Course - Intelligent Design

Old Course - Social Studies
New Course - Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

The following courses have been eliminated from the curriculum:
World History
Cultural Diversity

It was also announced that this year's Prayer-A-Thon will be held in the community room of St. Joseph's. Last year's site (the basement of the Church of Christ) is not available, as last year's Prayer-A-Thon is still going on there. For the last two months most of the prayers there addressed the nearly unanimous wish that it would just end already. Technically, though, they are still praying, even as the sump pumps are failing.

Boyce Bailey, 08-23-2010