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  The Dead Pool Is Here - Make Your Selection!

As everyone is well aware, the economy has turned sour, people are out of work, credit is unavailable, and businesses are closing! Small communities like Jefferson will be hit hard by these circumstances, and this is your one and only chance to cash in on what otherwise will be a very depressing moment in history.

Jefferson has suffered several business closings during the last several years, and it will only get worse. We here at Jefferson Iowa News feel your pain. We want to make this interesting and so are bringing back the "dead pool" - an event where we can all take a shot at guessing which business or non-profit entity in town will be the first to call it quits, shutter up its windows, lock its doors, and be committed to the ash heap of Jefferson history.

Readers are asked to select one business from the list below. This selection should represent the one you feel is most apt to close due to economic reasons in the coming year.

This choice can be submitted on-line by using our "contact us" link at the top of the web page, or you can join us on the Jefferson Bistro blog site and make your selection. This link is located at the upper left-hand side of the web page. When you have accessed the blog, look for the "Dead Pool" posting, and give it your best shot.

We need local cooperation for this to work. If anyone out there hears about a business closing, you need to let us know, as our staff is limited, and horrifically underpaid.

The first person identified with a correct business closing choice will be rewarded with a Jefferson Iowa News shirt and a box of Jefferson Iowa News golf balls.

There are 50 local businesses to choose from; you must select one of these only. If any of these are currently already out-of-business, please do not select them - they are closing faster than we can keep up with. Make your selection, get on the blog, and root for your choice!

Breadeaux Pizza                                                   Jefferson Car Wash
Radio Shack                                                          Figenshaw Furniture
Ben Franklin                                                           Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
Royal Jewelers                                                      Linda's Fashions
Prairie Blue                                                            Sparky's One Stop
Cool Beans                                                            Pamida
Uptown Cafe                                                          Alliant Energy
Casa de Oro                                                          Bomgaar's
CompuSense                                                         Cozad's Bait & Tackle
The Last Draw                                                       The Printer's Box
Wet Goods                                                             City Fire Department
Larry's Lounge                                                       Jefferson Public Library
Fudge's Flowers                                                    Action Graphics
Home Plate                                                            Congregate Meals
Dollar General                                                        Jefferson Automotive
Subway                                                                   Redwood Motel
John's Appliance and TV                                      Touch & Go Nails
Home State Bank                                                   Bee and Herald
Greene Co. Medical Center                                  The Dapper Dog
Jefferson Police Dept.                                           Medicap
The Hairem                                                             Don's Radiator Service
Ferrol's Place                                                         The Ink Spot
Spare Time Lanes                                                 Ogren's Custom Graphics
Genesis Development                                           Jefferson Sporting Goods
Shriver Construction                                              Good Connections

So, there you have it! Make your selection and submit it or get on our blog site and explain yourself!

As soon as we have a winner the contest will end. Good luck!


 Spencer Straight, 03-07-2009