Jefferson, much the same as other central Iowa communities, has suffered from an unexpectedly large amount of precipitation this summer, which has led to several unforeseen problems. These would include flash flooding, the closing of local parks, and annoying delays at golf courses and other recreational venues.

One byproduct of all this rain has been the unwelcome arrival of an unusually large mosquito population. On a recent trip to Greene County, found that local residents are not only dealing with the mosquitoes, but other problems brought on in their wake.

We visited Goose Lake in northern Greene County last week and found resident Millard Anus dealing with these problems. It seems the rain, compounded with the humidity, has brought out pests besides the bugs. Just as expected, sharks are once again a problem at Goose Lake. Millard is retired, and has been trapping and hunting ducks for nearly 60 years at this location.

"It's those dang bullfrogs. This year has produced a bumper crop of the bulls and that's what draws the sharks to the lake. More mosquitoes, more bulls, more makos. I done already lost three boots and two toes to sharks in the last seven years! I ain't no moron. I bought me two pair of boots this year at Pamida, when they had their sale. Dang makos. The last boot they got from me was insulated, too. Like I said, dang makos."

Photographs taken by our reporters and their crew have captured the sharks in the middle of their feeding frenzy. They seem to be circling the area where Millard was last seen retrieving his traps, which were set before the water level rose.


Rick Bland, 07-28-08