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  Jefferson Once Again Gears Up For Presidential Election

As election day approaches, local Jefferson and rural Greene County voters are being informed that preparations are in place to insure a smooth, orderly, and non-controversial outcome. Voting locations will be published in the local paper in advance of election day, but our guess is the locations will be somewhat as follows: Precinct One - local courthouse. Precinct Two - local courthouse. Precinct Three - local courthouse. Precinct Four - local courthouse. Precinct Five - local courthouse. Precinct Six - local courthouse.

Polls will be open as usual from 10:00AM until 3:00PM. For those voters who find this inconvenient, Jefferson residents can still fall back on the time-honored tradition of simply telling Hank at Larry's Lounge who they support. He will make sure his sister gets the message at the courthouse and registers your vote.

This year, votes will be tabulated using paper ballots, as many local residents have expressed their concern that more technological methods are unreliable, and open to tampering. It also should be noted that, as in the past, absentee ballots will be largely unnecessary, as everyone will be at home.

Tea and refreshments will be available after the polls close to all Obama supporters. This in no way should be viewed as an effort to sway the electorate. McCain supporters are welcome to have their own post-election get-together, provided is does not take place on public property. Many excellent sights are available out of town, for example.

The McPhearson brothers will once again be on hand monitoring all incoming voters, making sure that only local registered voters are allowed to participate. They will also be checking for weapons and contraband as they feel necessary.

We are all hoping for another great turn out and encourage everyone to vote as often as possible.

Submitted by Spencer Straight (09-24-08)