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  Indian Burial Grounds Directly Underneath Jefferson High School

A recently conducted geological survey has confirmed that Jefferson's high school was knowingly built directly on top of not one, but three ancient Indian burial grounds. These graves were desecrated, even though several options were available to the contractors at the time of construction.

The bodies could have been reinterred elsewhere, or the high school simply could have been built at another location. Perhaps most distressing is the fact that several tribal elders volunteered to come in from Sioux City in order to bless the ground.

Instead, construction went ahead as planned, and the graves were repeatedly steam-rolled flat, crushing the remains and removing all air pockets. This produced a large quantity of ancient Indian bone dust, which was sold to locals as "ancient Indian bone dust", or in some cases merely mixed with corn meal and fed to hogs. This was FDA approved at the time because no false claims were ever made concerning the product.

Ever since this unfortunate incident, strange occurrences have been noted at the high school. For example, during our most recent visit, in the first classroom we entered the clock was measured losing as much as half a minute per day. In the second classroom, the temperature seemed unnaturally cold and clammy.

In the third classroom we entered we noticed demons from hell, along with a great deal of blood and body parts. This is obviously some type of portal to hell.

Bill Limburg's ghost was also repeatedly seen near the area of the old teachers' smoking lounge, still doing as little as possible, and in absolutely no danger of interacting with students in any way.

Rick Bland, contributor since 2007

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