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  City of Johnston Buys Jefferson For Storage Use

Several local sources have informed the staff here at Jefferson Iowa News that the central Iowa community of Johnston has recently purchased the entire incorporated area of Jefferson. The city of Jefferson previously had encompassed 5.9 square miles. It will be stricken from all future maps beginning with those issued in the year 2011.

Johnston is a rapidly-growing community, and members of their city council began looking for additional storage space last spring. It seems that they were badly in need of an area in which they could store city equipment, vehicles, and such. Private Johnston citizens will also be able to take advantage of this additional space, at a minimal charge. The entire town of Jefferson will become nothing more than a storage facility. Eventually, a large fence will be constructed around the area, and access will be allowed to individuals who possess a card with a magnetic strip. In the meantime, one Jefferson resident will be allowed to remain as a security guard, but only until the fence is completed.

A member of Jefferson's city council, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that Jefferson was offered a fair deal for the land. He claimed that Johnston offered an amount 5% above the average price per acre for farmland in the area. The city council knew a good deal when they saw one, and quickly passed the measure authorizing the sale. When asked what current Jefferson residents were supposed to do, and where they would live after the sale, he seemed perplexed, as if that matter had not been considered.

As it now stands, authorities from Johnston will begin posting eviction notices to all Jefferson residents, businesses, and government agencies early next year. The job opening for security guard will also be posted at that time.

Rick Bland, 12-06-2009