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  Jefferson Man Sets World Lard-Eating Record

Currently unemployed resident Cooter Pervis became Jefferson's newest world-record holder last Thursday when he consumed over 41 pounds of lard in just under 19 minutes. The previous lard-eating record was 26 pounds in twenty minutes, held by several. Over fifty local spectators were on hand to watch Cooter swash down the lard while the high school pep band urged him on. The shelter house at Kelso Park was the site of the feat, and eight-pound buckets of lard were brought in, courtesy of a local farmer.

Lard is especially easy to eat in large quantities, Cooter explained. It slides down easily without requiring occasional drinks of water or other liquids. In addition, he told us that the lard was actually quite tasty. In order to meet Guinness Record requirements, Cooter had to use a large gravy ladle and could only use one hand at a time. He was disqualified in a previous attempt when he simply turned the buckets upside down and poured the lard down his throat. During that session, he consumed nearly sixty pounds of lard in fourteen minutes.

Pervis trained for the contest by eating 6-10 pounds of lard three times a day over the six-week period leading up to the event. As the date approached, he continually decreased his consumption time with each sitting. In a final burst of preparation, the day before the contest Pervis ate 14 three-pound cans of Crisco for his evening meal.

Spencer Straight, 11-22-2010