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  Jefferson People And Their Celebrity Look-alikes
Part XI  ---  in case you missed parts 1 through 10 - click here on the blue arrow - 
Special election installment! Each of these local folks bore a striking resemblance
to political figures past or present. What do you think?

Jefferson Area Resident                 Famous Political "Look-Alike"

Allison McCarville                                      Sonia Sotomayor


Pat Johansen                                              Roxanne Conlin

Cathy Springer                                           Patty Murray

Kristi Peacock                                            Lisa Murkowski

Julie Neal                                                   Kim Reynolds

Marilyn Copeland                                       Jean Carnahan

Diane Kneifl                                                Margaret Thatcher

Donna Lawson                                            Barbara Mikulski

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jacque Cunningham                                   Tipper Gore

Sherri Schwaller                                          Golda Meir

Mavis Sawhill                                              Sharon Angle

LeeAnna Ausberger                                     Jimmy Carter