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  Jefferson Natives And Their Celebrity Look-alikes
Part V  ---  in case you missed parts 1,2,3, or 4, - click here on the blue arrow - 

Jefferson Area Native/Resident                    Famous "Look-Alike"

Sandy Bane Kilgore                                                         Kathy Bates


Angela Eberle                                                                  Betty Boop

Charles Brobst                                                                Harold Gould

Chris Blackburn                                                             James Whitmore

David Briggs                                                                  Mike Huckabee

Joanna Sorber                                                               Delta Burke

Cindy Harris                                                                  Anna Lindh

Barry Burgin                                                                 Dr. Francis Crick

Dan Sayre                                                                      Adam Sandler

Vi Goodwin                                                                   Gate Crasher