Controversy Surrounds Mars Phoenix Photos

Recently NASA released several photos supposedly shot by the Phoenix Mars Lander which show Mars to be a barren, lifeless planet.

The photo at right has been released via several mainstream news outlets; undoubtedly our readers have seen similar pictures before. However, because of inside information only we are able to obtain, we feel it is our duty to publish even more accurate photographic records which are currently unavailable through the conventional news media.

 When the normally published pictures are viewed in proper context, it becomes painfully obvious that not only is the "Phoenix" not currently on Mars, but is actually sitting only a few meters off the border near San Antonio, TX.

We publish this expose merely to keep our readers on the cutting edge, and allow them to form their own opinion.

After the dubious "moon landings" of the late sixties and early seventies, the more knowledgeable members of the public will not be so easily deceived this time. The photo at left is nothing more than the same photo viewed earlier, but panned back to reveal typical government deceptions.

Tars Tarkus, 2008