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  Jefferson Unveils New High-Rise Condo Park

Jefferson housing authorities are taking their job seriously when it comes to city beautification and the imminent arrival of a large Hispanic population. As a bonus, all of their most recent work has been done within the limited budget constraints currently existing in the town.

All in one fell swoop, civic leaders have redesigned a local eyesore and turned it into an aesthetic residential area. What was once nothing more than a rotting, dilapidated trailer park now has become a luxurious tract of high-rise condominiums, ready for sale or lease by future Jeffersonians.

An anonymous spokesman has informed us that plans and development were kept carefully under wraps, in order to prevent Carroll or Boone from stealing the innovative idea for themselves.

Previously, the trailer park housed about 16 mobile homes, and the same number of families. Now, factoring in possible Hispanic tenants, as many as 40 housing units will occupy the same space, and perhaps up to 100 families.

As you can see by the most recent photo at left, the park has become quite attractive by Jefferson standards.
This is obviously not your run-of-the-mill trailer park. Rents will also be increased in order to offset the costs involved in the transition.

Additionally, we are told that if successful, this arrangement will be repeated in Cooper, and possibly Farlin, although local sources state that they are not sure if Farlin still exists.

 Rick Bland, 07-10-2008