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Welcome to the Jefferson Iowa News Photo Archives!

What follows is a sort of scrapbook of old photographs we have collected over the years from the Greene County area. We have received these photos from many sources, and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

These photos are currently not arranged in any type of sequential order, as they are continually posted as they are received. The reader is invited to simply browse through them and hopefully find some that you may remember. Many are nearly 100 years old, and many others may be as recent as a generation past. In some cases we do not have complete information on a photo, and you are invited to use the "contact us" link near the top of our main web page to further inform us. We may even have incorrect information accompanying a picture or two. Please let us know so that we can make corrections.

Take a "scroll" down memory lane! Remember, we are continually adding more photos as we receive them. Enjoy!









Jack's Lunch, Grand Junction, Iowa










Jack's Lunch, Grand Junction, Iowa












Green Gable Cabins Postcard - Jefferson, Iowa












Jefferson High School (later Middle School) Postcard












Baptist Church - 114 West Lincolnway in Jefferson











Hillcrest Motel, old Highway 30










Star Motel, Grand Junction











Star Motel, Grand Junction













Old Lincoln Highway, Grand Junction












North Grade School Postcard - Jefferson












Gordon Cafe, south side of the square in Jefferson - interior










Greene County Courthouse w/stone bandstand - Jefferson











Camp Cozy, Grand Junction












Head (later Lincoln) Hotel, downtown Jefferson











Old postcard from Grand Junction










Train Depot, Adaza, Iowa - 1913










Eureka Bridge west of Jefferson during initial construction (photo courtesy of Hank Zaletel)











Old Greene County courthouse, circa 1900 - view from north










Main Street, Scranton, Iowa looking north - 1920











US Post Office, 106 West Harrison, Jefferson - circa 1950











Lincolnway, looking east through downtown Jefferson









Main Street, Rippey, Iowa










Odell Block, Paton Iowa












Aerial view, downtown Jefferson - 1965 (looking southeast)











Greene County Medical Center - 1937









A & W Root Beer Stand on East Lincolnway









West side of square downtown, 1975







Greene County Courthouse, circa 1900











South side of the square, facing west, circa 1945










Cooper train station, Greene County, Iowa











Methodist Church, Churdan, Iowa











Greene County Courthouse, circa 1950












First Methodist Church, Jefferson










Slininger Funeral Home, Lincolnway and Vine












Slininger Funeral Home, upper story added











Downtown Grand Junction












Van Horn's Hardware, Rippey, Iowa - interior










Keystone Mines, Rippey







 Jefferson - north side of the square storefront marquis, circa 1960










A & W root beer stand, East Lincolnway, Jefferson











Jefferson High School, later Middle School










Jefferson High School w/Jefferson High ribbon









Old Jefferson Public/High School, another angle








Jefferson downtown, panoramic view, circa 1910. Chestnut Street heads straight ahead north.











Assorted Jefferson Iowa postcards










West side of square facing south, downtown Jefferson










North side of square facing east, downtown Jefferson










Jefferson armory, Wilson and Harrison









Greene County courthouse, circa 1955












Only Grease Gun Co. ad - Jefferson, IA











Bandstand on courthouse square, Jefferson









Train at station, Jefferson









Greene County Courthouse, circa 1910











Redwood Motel, Jefferson postcard









Street in Scranton, IA - old photo












Corner of Chestnut and Lincolnway in Jefferson, looking west










Kelso Park, Jefferson










Train station, Jefferson, Iowa










South side of square in Jefferson, facing east










East side of Jefferson square, north end - 1975












Blaess Shoe Store, 104 North Wilson - Jefferson











North side of the square in Jefferson, 1975












Photo taken at Jefferson's 1954 Centennial Celebration









1954 Jefferson Centennial photo











1954 Jefferson Centennial photo











1954 Jefferson Centennial photo











1954 Jefferson Centennial photo












Ace Pizza, Coast to Coast, Velda's Tap - 1975 (from Mahanay Tower)










1954 Jefferson Centennial photo










Crowley's, Lunch Box Cafe - 1975









North side of square, west end - 1975







Eureka Bridge, old Lincoln Highway












Goodyear blimp at Jefferson airport, 2006











Presbyterian Church, 208 West State Street, Jefferson











South side of the square in Jefferson, east to west












Lincolnway in downtown Jefferson, looking east, circa 1950











South side of Jefferson square, about 1915











Head House, later Lincoln Hotel, circa 1890










Main Street Scranton, looking south, circa 1900










North side of square in Jefferson, 1970's










South side of square in Jefferson, west end - 1975










United Methodist Church, 307 South Wilson, Jefferson













Jefferson, Iowa street map, 1875












St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 501 North Chestnut, Jefferson












Courthouse square, Jefferson - circa 1920










West side of the square in Jefferson, south end - 1975











100 block of South Wilson in Jefferson - 1975












Glen's Jewelry/Ron Do's Beauty Salon, Jefferson - 1975











 West side of square in Jefferson - 1975










East side of square, Jefferson - 1975











JC Penney, Tucker Pharmacy, Fudge's Flowers, Ferris Real Estate, Lincoln Hotel Bldg, - 1975












Aerial view of Jefferson, 1937 - looking NNE












 Old Jefferson water tower









Jefferson Tile Factory











Jefferson Public Library










West side of the square, Jefferson - circa 1900










West side of the square, Jefferson - circa 1910




Matchbook covers - Jefferson, Iowa











100 Block, South Wilson, Jefferson (behind Wynkoop store) - circa 1940











B and R Shoe Store, 110 South Wilson in Jefferson










B and R Shoe Store, Jefferson












McCoy Press Fire - 1976, 114 South Wilson just off Lincolnway











Aftermath of McCoy Press Fire - 1976











Looking north on Chestnut Street from Lincolnway, circa 1930










Cigar Store, Jefferson Hotel, 1960's











Columbian Block Building, North Wilson












Figenshaw Furniture












Glen's Jewelry, Fudge's Flowers - Jefferson











North Grade School, 400 North Wilson in Jefferson











Hawn's Accounting, Historical Museum on State Street











Home State Bank in Jefferson - postcard











Greene County Medical Center











Downes & Mayer Dry Goods postcard












KDLS Radio Station - 102 East State Street, Jefferson












KLSN Radio, Jefferson











Jefferson Public Library w/sidewalk











Lila's Dress Shop, Lincolnway in Jefferson











Lincolnway in Jefferson, facing west - 1969 photo












Potter Drug, Louie's Ice Cream, Home State Bank - 1950's












Lutheran Church Bulletin - 1989











Trinity Lutheran Church, 801 West Lincolnway, 1952










Jefferson Municipal Pool - old photo











Greene County Courthouse, circa 1910











Jefferson High School, later Middle School











Scranton Elementary School











East side of square with stoplights, 1950's











Presbyterian Church, 208 West State Street, Jefferson












Rosse Cafe, south side of square in Jefferson












Jefferson Hardware, 124 North Wilson












The Establishment, 108 East State Street, Jefferson












Jefferson train station, old postcard











Old Deep Rock Gas Station, Jefferson












Adam's 5 and 10 Cent Store, marquis above Saba's - 109 N. Chestnut












Lincoln Highway Museum w/ Burma Shave signs











Fairground grandstands, Jefferson - old photo












Blaess Shoe Store, Jefferson - interior view









South side of square in Jefferson, circa 1975












Bell Tower parade in Jefferson, 1978












Lincoln Highway Museum, Jefferson - interior









South side of square in Jefferson - 1970's











Street repair, downtown Jefferson - 1975












Jefferson Bell Tower Festival - 1978












Aerial view, Greene County fairgrounds - facing east











Don's True Value Hardware, Jefferson











Jefferson Jazz Band at annual Jazz Festival, 1977











Law Enforcement Center, Jefferson - 1978














Royal Jewelers, 112 N. Wilson in Jefferson - old facade












Tri-County Lumber fire - 1977











Trinity Lutheran Church, 306 South Maple - interior










Jefferson Public School, grades K - 12









American Athletic Equipment Co., 200 American Drive, Jefferson











The Aqua Tramp, invented in Jefferson











Bandstand in front of both Greene County Courthouses, 1917










Bordenaro's Market, 108 West Washington in Jefferson - circa 1965









Pauley Auto Service, 220 East Lincolnway











Louie's Ice Cream Parlor, Jefferson - interior view










Farlin train depot, 1962











Cherry Street (later Wilson), downtown Jefferson - 1950











Saba's Bakery, North Chestnut in Jefferson










Cherry (Wilson) Street looking north through downtown, 1869










Jefferson's first gas station, location unknown











Jefferson baseball team, 1910









South side of square in Jefferson, circa 1925










Central Christian Church, Jefferson - circa 1960








Downtown Jefferson, panoramic view, 1907 - looking east down State Street












Lincoln Statue dedication on square, 1918











Train bridge over Raccoon River west of Jefferson











Greene County Medical Center, 1937











The Harding Shop - 109 East Lincolnway, Jefferson











Squirrel Hollow Park, circa 1945









East side of Jefferson town square - circa 1930










Conoco service station, 300 East Lincolnway in Jefferson










Meat counter in Bordenaro's Market - Jefferson








Public school - Cooper, Iowa











Franklin Manufacturing, East Central Street in Jefferson












Squirrel Hollow Park, circa 1945









Truck Haven Cafe, Jefferson - interior view









 Coast to Coast Hardware, Jefferson - interior view












Mahanay Tower Plans with Pools, circa 1960











Cooper School Auditorium Plans










Original Public School at 400 N. Wilson, destroyed by fire in 1880's












Dale Smith, Jefferson's most famous basketball player - 1973













Sir Robert Faulkner in Jefferson viewing an eclipse - 1869












Jefferson Academy of Higher Learning, circa 1875








Bon Ton Shoppe, Jefferson - interior view











Saba Saba making deliveries in the 1930's



Cherry (Wilson) Street looking south, circa 1920



Greene County Courthouse, south side - circa 1930



Presbyterian Church, Jefferson - circa 1960



Moss Marker, old Lincoln Highway - near Jefferson



Greene County Courthouse 1916 - east side



Columbian Block on Cherry (Wilson) Street, circa 1890











Danger Hill, west of Jefferson on old Highway 30 - circa 1960











North side of square in Jefferson, circa 1960











Greene County Courthouse, circa 1960











Louie's Ice Cream Parlor, North Wilson in Jefferson










Spring Lake Park, circa 1970










Old Highway 30, just west of Jefferson, circa 1920












Vintage Jefferson postcard featuring Raccoon River









Jefferson Manor, immediately after construction 









Central Christian Church, 108 N. Elm in Jefferson - date unknown











Greene County Courthouse, circa 1920









Main Street in Grand Junction, circa 1925











Scranton, Iowa in 1914











Jefferson professional baseball team, 1906 team photo