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  JSPC Ram Football Update ...

With football season once again underway, we took time to visit with the coaching staff about this year as well as the future prospects of the Ram varsity football squad. Confidence appears to be high, and what follows below is a condensed description of some major points of interest to our fans:

1. The annual "Powder Puff" girls flag football game will be replaced this year with a "no-holds-barred-fight-to- the-finish" between the Johnson sisters (all three) and Lucille - a 650 pound sow owned by Ernie Schlesswig. The match will take place at Linduska Field just prior to this season's homecoming game. Tickets are $10 in advance and $10 at the gate.

2. Do to some clerical errors at the IHSAA the JSPC Ram football team is scheduled to face some significantly
 higher enrollment schools next fall. They are:
          - Ames
          - Dowling Catholic
          - Cedar Falls
          - Bettendorf
          - Auburn University
          - Grambling
          - Miami Dolphins
          - Exira

3. The head coach has issued a challenge, stating that "Our team can beat any 7th grade football team in Northwest Iowa, and that any 7th grade teams out there that disagree maybe it's time they put up or shut up."

4. As a tie-in with next year's locally held corn-ag expo, the Ram football helmets in 2010 will feature a one-time only commemorative design. Head cheerleader Marsha Conklin was nice enough to model one for us (left).

5. The following teams were scheduled by mistake and will be replaced at a future date.
 Apparently the staff was under the impression that they were scheduling games against a single individual, rather than a community:
          - Gilbert
          - Leon
          - Stuart
          - Luther
          - Britt
          - Anita

Please take the time to visit our Ram Football link located on a tab near the top of our main web page. Live football broadcasts can be heard here during games.

Deb Hoover, sports desk