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  Jefferson Welcomes New Business

Need a receipt for something? The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce last week welcomed Randy's Novelty Printing to the community. Randy's specializes in printing or duplicating receipts from any location in the country. If you have misplaced a receipt, Randy will make it right. "We can get you a receipt for practically anything," stated owner Randy Bocephus. "Maybe you told your wife you were at a business convention last weekend. We have the receipts to prove it," added Randy with a wink.

Randy admitted that business was a little slow right now. "We usually get most of our business just prior to April 15. People seem to need lots and lots of receipts around tax time." He told us to stress that his receipts were simply novelty items and not intended as replacements for actual receipts (even though you can't tell them apart, he says).

Right now Randy's biggest sellers are receipts for adult diapers, penile erection enhancements, and anal fungus creams. "These are apparently left laying around in people's homes as practical jokes'" he said. Randy's Novelty Printing is located just off the square and is open weekdays from 10AM - 3PM.

Spencer Straight, 09-09-2010