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I'm rip-roarin' pissed off at the high cost of living today, and even madder at the do-nothing politicians who refuse to acknowledge its primary source - senior citizens!

That's right, and don't sit there and say you haven't noticed it. For just one moment, quit trying to be "politically correct" and stop and think. You remember how to do that, right? I just read where the DOT is considering creating special "senior citizen" lanes on your public byways so that old folks who can barely see over the steering wheel will stay out of our way. Here's a better idea - don't give them driver's licenses! Look at how our auto insurance would go down! And by the
way - when is the last time you saw a senior motoring around in a subcompact? How about the smaller your family size, the smaller car you buy?

How much energy is spent every year heating and cooling nursing homes? I'll guarantee you it's for the benefit of the staff, as most of the residents couldn't tell the difference. And why do old, retired people insist on heating large, older homes, while the younger folks get by in apartments? This is where our energy dollars are going.

Did you ever stop to consider how much money is spent every year to make public facilities accessible to handicapped (old) people? Quite a bit, I'll bet. And how about public transportation?

You want to know why the cost of groceries is sky-high? How about opening your own grocery store, installing special parking spaces, providing expensive, motorized carts, offering home delivery, and adding additional help for carry-out and drive-up services, just so Mildred can come in every week and spend $20!?!?

And not to mention what has come to be called "senior citizen discounts"! If you want to fight inflation, start doing it by treating everybody equally, as we are told to in the constitution!

Orville K. Bass, American

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