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  World Shooting-Into-The-Air Supremacy Disputed

In a rivalry that shows no signs of abating, Iraq and Greene County are locked in a bitter struggle for world shooting-into-the-air supremacy. "I'll be damned if any Muslim's gonna beat out Greene County at what she do best," said Dana resident Pulver Whitley, 39, in between bouts of firing his shotgun randomly in the air. "We been shootin' in the air for all kinds of reasons since they was a Greene County and that's a fact. Even my cousin Mavis could out-shoot one of them Muslims, and she ain't even finished the fifth grade."

Aziz Mohammed Hourani, 24, of Baghdad, took exception to Whitley's bold statements. "Such is our anger at the great Satan that we send many bullets into the air every day," said Hourani, raising his AK-47 carbine and firing several rounds. "No one can surpass us at shooting upwards - especially Americans."

According to FIDA officials, Iraq and Greene County are closely matched, although their styles differ greatly. The dispute continues. 

Submitted by Boyce Bailey (06-08-10)