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  Ancient Stone Formation Near Jefferson Discussed

As locals are aware, there is a stone formation near the west end of town. It is an ancient druid ceremonial remnant dating back nearly 6,000 years. The locals refer to it as "Stone Henge". Apparently, it was constructed thousands of years ago by druids as a place for bizarre human sacrifices.

A computer-generated model of the "Stone Henge" shows that it was circular, or oval, and was intended as a calendar of sorts. The orientation of the stones indicates that October 31st was very important to these people.

The site today looks a lot like the Shell Station. When they dug the holes for the fuel tanks to be buried at least 27 workers died on the job (June 4-6). Most were found skinned and punctured by 20-30 sharp sticks made of ancient elm wood, and hung from the railing atop the Jefferson water tower. The construction company considered the deaths a fluke ... every job site is dangerous to some degree. The deaths were officially recorded as work-related accidents, probably because of rainy conditions they were working in. These "accidents" were not considered noteworthy. After all, the most dangerous part of your day is driving to work.

Archeologists from Greene County have stumbled upon a method of determining the actual age and possibly the original purpose of "Stone Henge". It seems they have found a really old guy from town who might know these things. Alf Limburg is 98 years old and remembers stuff nobody else does, such as when milk cost a quarter, whatever that is. Alf has been used to tell the dates of many other objects, such as Granny Wilson.

Limburg remembers ancient events such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and gas shortages of the 70's. He even saw the Beatles once on a black-and-white television set.

Limburg's older sister, Marge, who lives in long-term care at the Greene County Medical Center, may even be used to help remember what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

 Rick Bland  10-14-2008