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  Local Attorney Accidentally Sues Himself

Local attorney Steven P. Nepp committed possibly the biggest faux pas of his career last Thursday. While filing a series of lawsuits for his numerous clients, he inadvertently included his own name on one of the many documents he submitted, and was informed several hours later that he had sued himself! Throughout his ambulance-chasing career, he has sued many thousands of people, businesses, and institutions, but maintains that this is the first time he has sued himself.

"This is really somewhat embarrassing," he stated, "and worse yet, it may prove to be my most difficult case. I will be going up against my entire legal team on this one." He immediately organized his staff and told them to prepare extra-carefully for his defense. "I can't find too many precedents in this matter," he added. "Perhaps I'll know more after discovery." Mr. Nepp has been a local attorney for twelve years now, and this is the first time he has been sued.

"The shoe is certainly on the other foot this time," he said. He went on to say that even though dropping the suit appealed to him at first, he refuses to be called a quitter. " Besides, there might be money to be made here. Mr. Nepp is quite wealthy, and I will be able to collect one-third of the judgment if one is awarded. No way am I dropping this one."

Jefferson Iowa News will follow up on this story, but Mr. Nepp advises that we should not hold our breath. "Cases like this can be long, drawn-out affairs. It all depends on whether or not we are able to negotiate a reasonable settlement."  

Rick Bland, 04-29-2010