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  Our Science Editor Reveals His Local Activities

We spoke with Vince Hawking (a distant cousin of Steven Hawking) this past week, and had a chance to ask him what he does with his time when he is not working at the science center or contributing to our web site. Mr. Hawking has been employed as science editor by since our inception.

Obviously, a talent such as Mr. Hawking is constantly engaged in scientific projects that the public at large is sometimes totally unaware of.

 JIN - So, tell our readers, are you currently active in the Jefferson area?
 VH - Absolutely not. The last time was extremely problematic.

 JIN - How's that?
 VH - Let's just say that I got to know the local sheriff and his staff on a personal basis.

 JIN - What project were you involved with at that time?
 VH - I was working on a miniature version of the super-collider.

 JIN - So, you actually built a smaller version of an atom smasher?
 VH - Yes, it was very small. About the size of a grain of rice. Millions of times smaller than the one they are building in Switzerland (wherever that is).

 JIN - Why so small?
 VH - Well, I was concerned about the destruction it may cause if things went wrong.

 JIN - So, where did you build and house this "atom smasher"?
 VH - I built it in that huge warehouse just about a mile north of town on highway 4.

 JIN - What huge warehouse?
 VH - Exactly.

Rick Bland, contributor since 2007

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