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  Local Business Thrives On Square

On the corner of State Street and Wilson visitors to Jefferson will find a sort of "new" old place on the block. Locals know it as the Coven, previously home to the Teagarden tea room. The name may have changed, but it is still the same place with the same familiar friendly atmosphere. Business may appear a bit slow here during the day, but we can assure you that it is a busy place at night.

Police report that the place seems to be very active between about 11PM and 4AM. The owners also advertise a weekly Ouija Board Wednesday, where children under ten eat for free, and everybody gets to ask the ouija board a question. Police have reported a downside to the added business, but not a significant one. A spokesman for the local police force stated that since the new owners have taken over there have been approximately 297 unsolved crimes directly associated with The Coven.

He stressed, however, that things were not as bad as they sound. For example, only 66 of those crimes were considered felonies, and a mere seven or eight involved violent criminal acts, such as rape or murder. Raising the dead, for example, is hardly considered a violent crime, and is in fact victimless. For the most part, clientele amuses themselves with the casting of evil spells and other harmless, amusing activities.

A city official stated, "We consider The Coven to be a friendly family-oriented place and will continue to focus our energies on harassing places that serve alcohol."

Rick Bland, 10-17-2010