Goodyear blimp at Jefferson Iowa

Several Jefferson residents were left astounded in the fall of 2006 when they observed a large, football-shaped object hovering in the skies over the local airport. The object seemed to move very slowly, and appeared to be completely unalarmed when townsfolk gathered to get a close-up look.


It was reported that it in no way resembled an airplane, helicopter, or crop-duster. Although many citizens were frightened away by this unknown object, there were a brave few who ventured up close to get a bird’s-eye view. As the spectators watched in horror, the object slowed, and eventually stopped and actually touched down near a runway.


As this exclusive photo reveals, several alien beings were seen descending from the craft. They were subsequently observed taking residents aboard for debriefing and alien probing. It has been reported that the aliens, although of similar size and build as humans, appeared to possess a vastly superior intellect when compared to the local residents.

Because of the incredible size of the spacecraft, civic leaders estimate that many thousands of them must have been on board.


The aliens spoke in a language that locals described as “similar to English, except that they used words with several syllables and some phrases that they spoke were completely undecipherable, never having been heard before. It has been suggested that perhaps it was merely an attempt to appear to be as educated and articulate as Jefferson residents.


Oddly enough, the aliens left as mysteriously as they arrived, and actually agreed to return when extended an invitation. After several minutes on the ground, the craft slowly rose and headed west with no obvious means of propulsion.


As of yet, officials at the airport are searching in vain for any signs of the return of this alien object.