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  Computer Virus Spreads to Humans

Anybody owning or using a computer should begin taking precautions immediately as directed by the US Surgeon General, it was reported to us last week. A strain of recent, out-of-control computer viruses, such as the alureon trojan are capable of spreading from their computer hosts directly to humans coming in contact with the computer. The virus spreads most commonly by way of a USB port, but can also be passed on by handling infected DVDs, CDs, or floppy disks.

Symptoms include watery eyes, headaches, and achy joints, such as wrists or fingers. In some cases, blurred vision and even seizures have developed. If anyone exhibits any of these symptoms, they are urged to quarantine their computer and visit an emergency room immediately. As of now, there is no known vaccine for this virus, and physicians are allowing it to run its course, while monitoring it closely.

The virus can also be spread by way of emails, or certain internet sites, such as facebook or myspace. Presently, the only sure-fire way of preventing the virus from spreading is by avoiding direct contact with your computer, either through the use of latex gloves, or more conveniently, by using a special trojan adapter insert (photo at left). These adapters are widely available at most pharmacies.

Jefferson Iowa News will report updates on the virus as they develop. 
Boyce Bailey, 05-14-2010