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  Voter Fraud Uncovered in Latest Elections

The U.S. Attorney General's Office and the FBI are currently looking into allegations of rampant electoral fraud in the aftermath of Greene County's most recent elections, held last Tuesday. Various forms of voter tampering are alleged, including attempts to prevent elderly voters from casting their ballots, improper use of absentee ballots, and even numerous cases of dead people voting.

AARP accuses Greene County officials of not providing the minimum standards needed allowing elderly voters to exercise their rights as voters, such as wheelchair ramps, additional wheelchairs, enough free public transportation, extra-large print ballots, more familiar voting devices, etc. In addition to suppressing the votes of seniors, there have been reports of unusual absentee ballot handling. For example, when local absentee ballots were mailed out, they were accompanied with an official-looking document apparently asking the voter to simply sign and return the ballot unmarked. It stated that the voter could rest assured that their ballot would be "completely and correctly" filled out and submitted at a later time.

A local attorney (who chose to remain anonymous) also stated that once again, dead people voting was perhaps the biggest problem encountered last Tuesday. "It is absolutely unbelievable," he stated. "We have to deal with this every election. Just look at these lists of registered voters. No way these people are still alive. Here's one that lists Rolfe Blaess, for crying out loud. You tell me that we don't have a problem here." More on the story as it develops. 

Rick Bland, 11-04-2010