Jefferson Iowa Museum

Fred Marsh, curator of Jefferson’s local museum was making his monthly appearance at work last Thursday when he was surprised by

what appeared to be a visitor attempting to gain entrance into the building. This was quite significant, as it had been several years

since the last documented appearance of outside interest in his museum.


Mr. Marsh hesitated before alerting police to the intruder, as he feared that he may be confronted with the fact that he has repeatedly been several hours, if not days, late in reporting to work. When the intruder asked for admittance to the facility, Mr. Marsh was forced to admit that he no longer had keys, as they had been lost many years ago. In fact, he was unable to

describe the inventory of the museum, or even confirm that it was a museum at all. 


It turns out that the would-be visitor was a substitute meter-reader, and was seeking entrance in order to perform his job. This particular building, it turns out, does not require a meter as there is no electricity or running water in it. No charges

were filed, and Mr. Marsh will continue to collect his weekly paychecks from the city.


Jeffersoniowanews.com has learned that the vast majority of residents in Jefferson were totally unaware of the existence of a museum in the heart of their city. In the photo above, the owners of the three cars parked in front of the museum merely

parked there in order to avoid the crush of traffic around the square.


Submitted by Rick Bland 01-08-08