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We present part ten in our ongoing series featuring Jefferson homes along with a brief description and history of past residents and/or owners wherever possible. Many names will surprise you, and in some cases you may have additional information to add that was unavailable to us. (research by Braxton Hicks and Rick Bland) Feel free to add comments and share any knowledge you have of these houses. So, get started with "Who Lives Here? - Part 10"

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209 East Russell - home of Sam Brandt and family, later William and Marian Pearce; more recently the home of Ora Pittman, Bud and Toni Pittman, and Michael Pittman 


619 South Locust - longtime home of Reverend W.F. and Marie Schneck; more recently the home of Harold and Marilyn Peterson


700 South Maple - the home of Ray and Millie Cudahy; later Mrs. Clara Voightman, still later Robert and Reva Powell; current owner Gary Harbaugh


300 West Harrison - many residents over the years here include (in order): N.L. Aldera, Frank Bortz, Charles Schultz, Mark Rossow, Jan Rosdail and Roger Aegerter


503 West Russell - home of Gary Pevestorf, later Larry Holtz and family, still later Tony Mack; more recently the home of Pat O'Mara; current owners John and Laura Meyer


608 South Walnut - longtime home of Russell and Lois Woodard


506 West Park - home of Charles "Tuffy" Dunlop; longtime home of Dean Lindsey; current owner Sue Lucht


706 South Maple - longtime home of Toby, and now Joan Clopton


1133 McDuffie Drive - home built by John Shaw; later the home of Roger and Ella Finnegan; more recently the home of Mike and Diane Piepel


104 West Vest - many, many residents have called this home, including (in order): Raymond Wiggins, Virgil Kuebler, Robert Goochey, Michael Theulen, Dennis Thede, Dennis Tilley, Arnold Norgart, William O'Bryan, David and Tracy Delp, Ignacio Hernandez, and others - current owner Debora Martens


404 South Locust - home of Mike Miller, later longtime home of Henry Stevens; later Boyd and Effie Baugh, more recently Elizabeth Shelley; current owner Carrie Devan


501 South Locust - home of A.J. Kirkpatrick; later the home of Bill Pearce, still later Bud Wahl, followed by Dennis Robertson; more recently the home of Randy and Kim Knight; current owners Jason and Cherie Cerveny


503 South Locust - home of M. Dorrian; later Tom and Lois Cooper; still later the home of Doug McDermott; later Theron Sellers, more recently John and Kendra McConnell; current owners Allen and Karen Shannon


602 South Locust - home of Darwin Moore; later Charles Ryan, longtime home of Floyd and Vi Lowmiller; current owners Tim and Henrietta Huebschman 


600 South Locust - home of W.T. Strock (Strock Hardware); later longtime home of Duane Rohovit; current owner Andrew Kennedy 


508 South Locust - home of Kathleen Fields; more recently Dwight Wilson; current owner Janet Meiners 


508 North Chestnut - home to many including (in order): Walter Fogle, Mel Shanda, Ronald Searcy, Earl Day, Brian Mobley, and Charles and Mary Silbaugh (current owner) 


502 North Chestnut - longtime home of Frank and Margaret Tasler; more recently James and Lorna Cuddy (current owner)


402 North Olive - home to many, including (in order): Frank Tucker, Louis Anderson, Don Pettingill, Russell Crowner, Guy Richardson, and current owners Bill and Shelley Berger


308 East Adams - longtime home of Charles Kroninger; more recently Jack and Delores Anderson


1100 South Elm - longtime home of Horace and Elsie Burnell; later John and Judy Botos; current owners Dean and Cassie Dozier


406 North Maple - home of Dale Clingan, later Harold Duke; still later Ervin Watters, Jennifer Watters, and James Watters


209 North Oak - home of Vincent Monahan; later the longtime home of Dorothy Hess; more recently the home of Norma Warnock


307 South Oak - residents here include (in order): Carroll White, Roland Ehm, Duane Russell, Jim Meade, and current owners Tom and Jana Hinote


706 South Oak - home of Ted Seela; later the longtime home of Lester and Mae Weaver; current owner Linda Foust


503 South Maple - longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Pooley; later Kenneth Monthei; more recently Wendell Lindahl (current owner)