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Jefferson is home to many examples of fine architecture. In our previous piece, we featured some of the most interesting houses ever constructed in town. Now, we are going to show you a second installment featuring still more homes in Jefferson. Many have an interesting historic past. To make this piece even more entertaining, we have added some history, when available, to each house (research by Braxton Hicks and Rick Bland). Feel free to add comments and share any knowledge you have of the houses. So, get started with a piece we call: "Who Lives Here? - part two"

Just in case you missed part one, click here


100 W. Clark - longtime home of Ralph Veenstra; more recently Alan and Becky Greiner


307 N. Wilson - The Haag House - early day home of businessman Henry Haag. Sold to F.P. Cudahy in 1937. Owned for many years by Yates and Margaret Mary Dalbey, who had several apartments. New owner John Copeland has renamed it "The Tropicana".


306 N. Wilson - home of Dr. and Mrs. H.B. Donovan, later the longtime residence of Gene and Marian McCoy and family.


401 N. Locust - longtime home of Lloyd and Margaret Baller (Baller Home and Auto Supply), Corky, Mick, Jim, Claudia, and David. More recently the home of Peter and Yvette Bardole.


600 N. Olive; photo taken from the Clark Street entrance; home of Michael and Gemma Rooney


207 E. Harrison - Paul Schoppe was homeowner for many years , until the early 90's. More recently the home of David and LeeAnna Ausberger, currently Terry and Susan Morrison.


205 E. Harrison - home to Jerry and Nancy Stott and Stott's Aerial Spraying


503 S. Locust - home to many over the years, including: Thomas Cooper (1960-68), Doug McDermott (1971-76), Curt Svalstad (1977-79), Theron and Lil Sellers (1981-91), John and Kendra McConnell (1993-03), and more recently Allen and Karen Shannon.

304 S. Chestnut - Home of Percy Gray (Thermogray); more recently home to Vinton and Bonnie Kendall.


307 S. Chestnut - home of insurance executive H. Dale and Billie Harding. Current residents Judge William (Bill) and Marsha Ostlund.


622 S. Chestnut - Home of David Roquet and family from 1978 - 2005.


616 S. Chestnut - home owners include Louie Wright (1960-71) and Steve Jackson (1980-present)


711 S. Chestnut - many owners over the years include: Dan Powers (1950-65), Glenn Bohmer (late 70's), Steve Harrison (1980's), Dave Baker (1990's), and more recently Rick and Joan McCollom.


110 W. Vest Street - owned by Millie Bucklin in the 70's; now the longtime home of Eldon and Peggy Cunningham.


621 S. Vine - previous home of Orin and Bessie Thompson (parents of Dr. E. Dean Thompson & Alice Ann Andrew); later Francis (Bud) and Joan Tasler. Current home of Gerry and Nancy Halterman.


307 Sunset - longtime home of Dr. Robert Burke and his large family - features an indoor pool


1205 Southfield Drive - home of Larry and Jackie Fie


1304 Southfield Drive - owners include: Dick and Judy Timmerman, Scott and Sheila Sievers, and more recently John Milligan.


1115 McDuffie Drive - house built by Max and Norma Naylor in 1965, who resided there until the late 90's. More recently the home of Roger and Carole Custer.


1113 McDuffie Drive - home of John and Alice Hamilton


901 S. Elm - residents include (in order): Dr. Samuel G. Barker, DDS, Keith and Avis Sutherland (with sons Scott and Cameron), John and Sandy Underberg, and Dr. Orman and Helen Nelson.


800 S. Elm - originally the home of the Howard family, who ran Howard-Iowa Products. Longtime home of Dr. Eldon and Shirley Ross.


507 W. Russell - longtime home of Jefferson band director and icon Jack Oatts and family


300 Edgewood - home built by G. William and Pauline Dunlop. Longtime home of James and Violet Pauley.


903 S. Elm - home of late federal judge William C. and Ruth Hanson. Still owned by Hanson family.


806 S. Elm - Jongewaard home; Robert and Cleopha Luther with children Ann (Doubler) and David. Later home to Jack and Opal Haupert and daughters Pamela and Nicole. Current home owner is James Wasson.


507 W. Harrison - home of William Floyd and Dora Mahanay of tower fame. Current home of Judge David and Madonna Harris.


501 W. State - home of clothier Chester and Hazel Oppenheimer. More recently the home of Bob and Judy McConkie with their three daughters.


402 W. Lincolnway - former home of Avis Judy, Henry and Ann Jongewaard; later home of Andy Kretzinger and family (70's - 80's). Current residence of attorney Bob Horak and his wife Sally.


503 N. Chestnut - St. Joseph's Rectory


400 E. Monroe - home of the late Albert Hamilton. His widow Barbara (Tunnicliff) Hamilton lives there with daughter Abby.