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Jefferson is home to many examples of fine architecture. In our previous pieces, we featured quite a few interesting houses around Jefferson. Now, we are ready to show you the third installment featuring still more homes in Jefferson. Many have an interesting historic past. To make this piece even more entertaining, we have added some history, when available, to each house (research by Braxton Hicks and Rick Bland). Feel free to add comments and share any knowledge you have of these houses. So, get started with "Who Lives Here? - part 3"

Just in case you missed parts 1 and 2, click here


500 N. Chestnut - longtime home of Arlon Yepsen and family

604 S. Chestnut - longtime home of Kenny and Mary Lynch and family

715 S. Chestnut - residents here included Ron Young, Dave and Joyce Durlam, James Eaton, and more recently, Alfred and Diane Blackmer

719 S. Chestnut - many residents called this home, including Eugene Melson, Gerald Magee, Bruce Liljegren, Roger and Dee Lenz, and more recently, James and Nancy Teusch

611 S. Wilson - home of Ora Hall; later the longtime residence of Dr. George Canady and family

707 S. Wilson - residents here included John Vande Steeg, Jack and Diane Lyon, and more recently, Tom Yepsen

709 S. Wilson - longtime home of former mayor Elmer Eggiman, and more recently, Kent and Danille Curtis

304 Rushview Drive - Frank Porter and M. A. Porter resided here in the 70's - 80's; more recently the home of Diana Stehn


509 Rushview Drive - longtime home of attorney Randall Handley and family; more recently the home of Tom Powers

303 Sunset Drive - home of Frank and Bea Tucker and family, later Rolland and Millie Barnes

1103 McDuffie Drive - residents here included Ted Seela, Bill Schoppe, and more recently, Jack Harbaugh

1111 McDuffie Drive - longtime Dorothy Diehl home; more recently home to Del and Dorothy Van Horn

1202 Riverside Drive - longtime resident Les Siglin; more recently the home of Harold Hoyle

1308 Riverside Drive - longtime home of Sam Brandt and family; more recently Tom and Karen Polking

900 S. Elm - longtime residents Mr. and Mrs. Ted Seela and family, later Dean and Carol Borchers, and more recently Andy and Marla Siruta

501 W. Russell - longtime home of Meredith and Kathryn Shriver, and family

401 West South - longtime residence of attorney Charles Hird; more recently Mary Gilley

500 S. Maple - the lengthy list of residents here include John Burk, Henry Weis, Jim Grace, and Julie Andrews

100 S. Maple - home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hyde; later home of Deano and Iris Constantine

505 W. Lincolnway - the many residents here included Bill Goodwin, John Boyle, and later, Deano Constantine

1217 W. Lincolnway - longtime home of Eldon and Jo Juhl, and family, and more recently, David Ohrt and Dr. Laurie Connolly

906 W. Harrison - many lived here over the years including (in order): Earl Dawson, Rex Long, Maurice Wistenberg, Neil and Marcella Wilson, Gina Whipple, and Amy Blum 

807 W. State Street - longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Linduska; more recently Loren and Lisa Turner

307 W. State Street - former home of Maxine Miller; more recently the home of Dave Redfern

804 W. Adams - owners here included Mr. and Mrs. Richard Unger, Rev. Richard Glasgow, and more recently Sam Florea

622 S. Vine - home owners included (in order): Harry & Golda Snodgrass, Hap Dusenberry (Norman and Jean Lindhart rented upstairs briefly), John Flaherty, then longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Andrusyk and family; later Tom Winger, and more recently, Stephanie Clifton

704 S. Locust - the longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodruff and family

505 S. Locust - numerous residents called this home over the years including (in order): Jerome Whalen, George and Mary Kundrat, David Humburg, Penny Nelson, C. A. Johnson, Todd Pletcher, Matthew Schutt, M. Britton, and Brett Newland

607 S. Locust - the many residents here included Mrs. Jack Kelso, Roland Kenyon, Charles Nolan, Jim Daubendiek, and more recently, Robert and Julie Larson

612 S. Olive - former home of Pete Garrity; later longtime home of Vince and Doris Kennedy and family

204 W. Edgewood - longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Blaess and family; more recently the home of Merritt Duncan