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Jefferson is home to many examples of fine architecture. In our previous pieces, we featured quite a few interesting houses around Jefferson. Now, we are ready to show you the fourth installment featuring still more homes in Jefferson. Many have an interesting historic past. To make this piece even more entertaining, we have added some history, when available, to each house (research by Braxton Hicks and Rick Bland). Feel free to add comments and share any knowledge you have of these houses. So, get started with "Who Lives Here? - Part 4"

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403 N. Chestnut - home of Francis Cudahy, Guy Richardson, and more recently, Doug and Sue Rieder

305 E. Monroe - home of William LeGore, Dr. E.G. and Pearle Baker, and most recently, Teresa Mobley

406 E. Monroe - longtime home of Earl Wilson, more recently Lyle Walker

204 W. Clark - many residents at this address included (in order): Don Price, L.L. Purinton, Carolyn Wallace, Anka Foutch, and Gildardo Lepe

203 S. Chestnut - owners here included Mrs. Ralph Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Smith and family, and Karen Borsay

507 S. Olive - early owners included Rex Comstock and Eugene Owen, later longtime home of Harry and Violet Hoffman

614 S. Locust - longtime home of E. H. Ryerson, later Edna Hatch, and most recently Melvin Palmer

720 S. Locust - residents here included Bob and Charlotte Schmidt, L. M. Arp, and most recently Ed and Ruth Stoline


707 S. Locust - home of Vern Foje and family, later Floyd Brannen, and most recently Brad and Bonnie Riphagen

615 S. Chestnut - longtime home of Viola LeGore (Fudge's Flowers), and most recently Neal Wolf

623 S. Chestnut - home to many including (in order): Elmer Eggimann, Anley Twedt, Jay Ouverson, Tim and Sheilah Pound, and Ken and Mary Pinckert

616 S. Wilson - longtime residence of Newt Seela, more recently Mary Jane Sorenson

1308 Southfield Drive - several owners here included (in order): Eugene Melson, Roger Rinderknecht, Ed and Mary Ann Holden, and Harry and Carol Ahrenholtz

1107 McDuffie Drive - longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. William Morehead and family, later Jim and Vicki Copeland, Paul and Jill Nehman, and Brenda Flack

1208 Riverside Drive - longtime home of Earl and Esther Jardine, more recently Walter and Ruth Harrison

309 Edgewood - home of Lumund Wilcox, later Joe, then Michael and Laura Wyatt

402 W. Russell - many residents here include (in order): George Wehmeyer, Larry Fie, Glenn Joens, Paul Pope, Wendell and Cindy Brown, and Alysha Dehoet

703 S. Maple - longtime home of Kern Elerick, most recently Tom and Makala Semke

506 W. South - longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jess and family, later Mark and Susan Rasmussen, and most recently David and Annette Morlan

706 W. South - longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Nelson, later Wendy Twillie, and more recently Linda Danielson

807 W. Harrison - home of Bill Ecklund, later C. P. and Agnes Van Gilder

400 W. Lincolnway - longtime home of Vince Phillips, later residents include (in order): Richard and Carol Lile, L. Miller, and Brett and Catherine Hawthorne

306 W. Lincolnway - longtime resident Dr. J. K. Johnson, later Bill and Ann Doubler, more recently Kurtis Swensen

900 W. State - home of Nick and Frieda Nahnsen, later daughter Florence Matthews Manning, and more recently Rachel Seil

803 W. Washington - longtime home of Howard Porter, more recently Freddie and Jolene German

403 N. West - longtime home of Dale Allensworth and Connie Allensworth

204 N. Cedar - built in 1850; recent owners include Fred Carrick, Lee Sloan, and Margaret Roberts

300 S. Chestnut - residents include (in order): Dr. R. B. Buzard, Ron and Betty Royer, Gary and Marty Wiedman, and Bill and Martha Monroe

701 S. Locust - longtime home of Pete Garrity and family

1128 McDuffie Drive - longtime home of R. A. Telleen and family

407 W. Russell - longtime home of Richard Finch and family