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Jefferson is home to many examples of fine architecture. In our previous pieces, we featured quite a few interesting houses around Jefferson. Now, we are ready to show you the fifth installment featuring still more homes in Jefferson. Many have an interesting historic past. To make this piece even more entertaining, we have added some history, when available, to each house (research by Braxton Hicks and Rick Bland). Feel free to add comments and share any knowledge you have of these houses. So, get started with "Who Lives Here? - Part 5"

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207 E. Madison - Home of Jack Albrecht, later Tom Feldmann and family; still later Pat and Shirley Griffin. Most recently home of David and Kristen Heupel

615 S. Vine - longtime home of Bill Hutchinson, more recently Josh and Angela Eberle

618 S. Wilson - for years the home of Dr. E. G. Baker, later David Hoyt; later still the home of Jeff and Susan Muench, most recently home to Marcus and Yatisha Harmeyer

705 S. Wilson - longtime home of Marvin Lyon, more currently the home of Kevin and Julie Neal

307 E. Lincolnway - home to many Jeffersonians including (but not limited to): Joe Schilling, Jerry Durlam, Clarence Brogdon, Verl Ellwanger, Albert Miller, Rene Holsapple, Donn Hennigar, and Josh & Lyndsie Thompson

209 S. Chestnut - many lived here, including Mrs. Fred Black, Patsy Harper, Ted McPherson, John Rowland, Francis Peacock, Channing Scott, and Janet Sondgergroth

400 S. Chestnut - longtime home of Leona Lacock, later Terry and Sandy Day; most recently Linda and Rodney Eighmy

909 S. Chestnut - longtime home of Richard and Janice Lane and family


712 S. Locust - home to (in order): Wayne Rush, Robert Steinberg, Rev. Tim Zimmerman, Tim Moerman, Ted Ely, and Andrew and Sarah Michaelsen

507 Rushview Drive - home of (in order): James Bagley, Bob Rentfrew, Joell and Danny Cunningham, Dr. Thomas Babcock, and currently, Jeff and Susan Muench

408 S. Locust - past residents here include Tom Bordenaro, Dean Hicks, and Richard Green; most recently the home of Michael and Nicole Brown

402 S. Elm - longtime home of Bill Daubendiek; still owned by the Daubendieks

700 S. Elm - longtime home of Louis Tronchetti Sr.; still owned by Louis Jr. and Neva Tronchetti

1206 S. Elm - home of Claude Gatrost; later the longtime home of Andy and Joyce Sorenson and family

1202 S. Elm - home of Charles Barnes; later Cecil Flack, more recently the longtime home of Mike Chesler, currently owned by James, Erin, and Karen Gallagher

1201 Southfield Drive - home built by Ron Honold; longtime home of Ron, Cleo, and family; more recently the home of Bob and Donna Matheson

1125 McDuffie Drive - longtime home of Bill and Betty Schaal and family

1121 McDuffie Drive - longtime home of Ferd Kruse; more recently the home of Ken and Patsy Hastings

1203 Riverside Drive - home built by Donald Snyder; longtime home of Bill and Mary Figenshaw and family

307 W. Edgewood - longtime home of Dr. M. V. and Maxine Hawk; still owned by the Hawk family

504 W. Monroe - longtime home of Ron and Doris Gillespie and family

208 S. Pinet - many residents here over the years, including (in order): Howard Olson (Olson's Clothing), James Chaloupka, Andy Kretzinger, Dennis Goshen, Grace Ranniger, Cory Brockman, and Tari Gaulke

604 S. Walnut - longtime home of Gene and Mary Daubendiek; still in the Daubendiek family

506 S. Walnut - home to Dane Kious, Marc Rush, Mike and Julie Long, and most recently Jerry and Hollie Roberts

504 W. Lincolnway - residents here included (in order): Harry E. Richardson, Dennis Dunlop, Jack Hawn, and most recently, Duane and Brenda Onken

306 E. Washington - longtime home of Dr. N. E. Waples; more recently the home of James and Laura Walker

600 S. Wilson - longtime home of Paul Osgood; more recently the home of Bruce and Beth Bahnson

207 W. Russell - home built by S. J. Melson; later home of Hugh and Berniece Lee; most recently the home of Alan and Debbra Beddow

600 S. Oak - home of Barney and Jessie Denhardt; later Charley Arnold, more recently Rosemary and Norman Hall

607 W. Harrison - longtime home of Paul Williams; more recently the home of Tom and Melinda Heater