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Jefferson is home to many examples of fine architecture. In our previous pieces, we featured quite a few interesting houses around Jefferson. Now, we are ready to show you the seventh installment featuring still more homes in Jefferson. Many have an interesting historic past. To make this piece even more entertaining, we have added some history, when available, to each house (research by Braxton Hicks and Rick Bland). Feel free to add comments and share any knowledge you have of these houses. So, get started with "Who Lives Here? - Part 7"

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203 W. State - home of (in order): Mrs. Anna Oleen, S.L. French, David and Elizabeth Carlstrom, Bret and Laura Durbin (current owners), and recently Fred Wiggins  

306 W. State - home's early history was featured in a previous posting; more recent residents include (in order): Herschel Strawn, Herman Wiggins, and Steve Strunk, current owners Marvin and Barbara Mortensen

406 W. State - home of Elda Ferguson, later Merritt and Richard Jackson, current owner Doug Jackson

508 W. State - many residents here included Frank Tucker, Robert Turner, longtime residents Norman and Mary Lane, later Robert Becker; current owners Jerry and Jill Mills

606 W. State - home of Mildred Hoskins; more recently John Grasso; Violet Goodwin (current owner)

800 W. State - for many years the site of the Church of Christ, later home of Gary Parker, current owners Richard and Deanna Sandage

809 W. State - home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Hoagland, more recently (in order): Lynne Hoyer, Larry Danielson, Evelyn Ross, and Jack Pearce, current owner Daniel Walsh

907 W. State - home of Mrs. Margaret Dozier, William Dunivan, also home of Karen's Beauty Salon; current owner Sandra Spangler


901 W. Washington - residents here included (in order): Mr. and Mrs. Eric Perkins, Ron Henie, Gail Swanson, David Whade; current owner John Florea

807 W. Washington - home of C.C. Charles, later Ken Van Gilder; still later Ron Henle, then Steven Marsh; current longtime owner Craig Berry

708 W. Washington - longtime home of Claude and Velma Gardner; more recently Helen Stine Durbin

206 N. Maple - home of Alfred Wiser, later Bill and Carla McVicker; later residents included Marvin Myers, Bill and Karen Thiede and David Newell; current owners Joel and Jamie Williams

102 N. Maple - many residents at this address included (in order): Slim Davis, Short Baker, Merlen Warnke, and Stan Mitchell; current owner John D. Lewis

104 S. Maple - longtime home of C.B. Evers, later Gary and Jodie Sinkuler; current owner Curtis Bergemann

902 W. South - former Lutheran parsonage located at 803 W. Lincolnway; moved to this location in 1975; later sold to Alvin and Edith Knittig, she still residing there

906 W. South - longtime home of Bob and Donna Carhill


805 W. Madison - home of Bruce Molle, later John Cassell; current home of Dan and Vicki Taylor

404 S. Pinet - home of Mrs. Earl Hasty; later longtime home of Warren and Marie Heath

507 S. Oak - home of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Hays, later Kevin and Mary Campbell, still later Jim and Carrie Taylor; current owners Don and Deborah Wills

506 S. Maple - home of Pops Garland; later (in order): Wayne Helms, Gerald Magee, James Elliott, and Larry Block; current owners Rod and Jessica Block

600 S. Maple - longtime home to Ray Shearman; later Nick and Jane Martino; current owners Shane and Wendy Kozal

707 S. Maple - many residents here included (in order): Ernest Peterson, Mahlon Galvin, Noble Alexander, Richard Laslo, more recently Fred Robbins and Janis Runyon

304 S. Oak - longtime home of Howard and Joyce Nash; later William Purviance; current owners Joshua and Kari Jackson

204 S. Oak - longtime home of Harry Strachan; later Dean Ury; current owner Morris Ford

300 E. State - longtime home of Charles and Ora Cleveland; also Ora's Beauty Salon, later Angie Gingery; current owner Cheryl Kirk

604 S. Wilson - several residents here including (in order): Mike Durlam, V.R. and Marj Dillavou, Steve Wetzel, Mary Wilson, and Jill Von Stein; current owner Jason Snyder

622 S. Wilson - many residents here included (in order): Carroll Schaal, Sr., Jim Narber, Francis and Margie Coyne, and most recently Chad and Shannon Black

606 S. Vine - the longtime home of W.K. Thomas; later (in order): Bob Petersen, Paul Richardson, Mark Smith; current owners Chad and Emily Cummings

610 S. Vine - longtime home of Ralph and Gertrude Potter; later Roger Lunt; current owners Ron and Robin Shockey

612 S. Vine - home of Max and Janice Arnold, later residents included (in order): Louis Cardin, Don Zhorne, and Clay Miller; current owners Reg and Mary Holz Clause

206 W. Edgewood - longtime home of Dr. Leo and Gertrude Nelson; later Chad Schorr, more recently Brian Rice; current owners John and Jennifer Woodruff

702 S. Vine - home of Fred and Ina Farquhar; later Ted McPherson; current owners Chris and Jody Orchard

703 S. Vine - longtime home of Mr. and Mrs. David Roche; later longtime home to Merle Ferguson, current owners Ken and Melinda Gallagher

1001 N. Wilson - longtime home of Theodore and Marian Slininger Gibson

1005 N. West - home of William Kendall

906 N. Walnut - longtime home of John and Marilyn Mobley

1801 Westwood Drive - home of Jim and Lila Crowley

1505 Westwood Drive - longtime home of Bill and Jane Sorenson and family; current owner Rita Peterson

1312 W. Lincolnway - home of Dr. Martin and Carey Miller

700 W. Lincolnway - longtime home of Jerry White; current owners Wayne and Kathryn Rice

104 W. Madison - longtime home of Ernest and Maybelle Beusch; later Dean Promes; current owners Todd and Danelle Mason

502 S. Wilson - longtime home of blind attorney E.B. Wilson (who donated the Lincoln Statue and Wilson Street is named after); more recently the longtime residence of Jack and Marian Smith

206 W. Russell - longtime home of Paul Culter; later W.M. Shick, more recently Wade and Sandra Weiss; current owners Tanner and Holly Stauffer

409 S. Olive - many residents lived her including (in order): John Zimmerle, Marion Satterfield, Robert Goochey, Mike Ross, Robert Ross, and Brenda Parkin; current owners Dwight and Norma Smith