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Jefferson is home to many examples of fine architecture. In our previous pieces, we featured quite a few interesting houses around Jefferson. Now, we are ready to show you the eighth installment featuring still more homes in Jefferson. Many have an interesting historic past. To make this piece even more entertaining, we have added some history, when available, to each house (research by Braxton Hicks and Rick Bland). Feel free to add comments and share any knowledge you have of these houses. So, get started with "Who Lives Here? - Part 8"

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201 W. Madison - many residents and owners, including (in order): Warren Dillavou, Floyd Sexton, Trung Nguyen, Ron Geerdes, and current owners Noel and Sandra Drewry  


203 W. Madison - longtime home of Fred and Beverly Ogren; more recently Steve Ogren


204 E. Madison - home of P.B. Smith; later residents include Cora and Phyllis Murphy, and Matt Schutt; current owners are Mike and Margaret Semke


205 E. Madison - home of Morton Wolfe; later H.W. Puffer; more recently Richard and Sheryl Beane, still more recently Gary McDonald; current owners Mike and Lisa Clark


207 W. Madison - residents here include (in order): Ron Mau, Veda Murphy, and Andrew Coyne; later the home of Gwen Kinney; current owner Nora Hadley


300 S. Elm - longtime home of Albert Raver; later the home of Robert and Jeanne Leavelle; current owner Janice Bogikes


301 S. Wilson - home of Philip and Thelma Moon; later W.A. and Mary Etta Pulley; Tim Ellsworth, S.L. Hoffman, and Kari Wolfe-Guess


302 S. Elm - longtime home of Jerry and Beverly Ecklund (Cherimpes); more recently Mark McHugh, D.A. Rozell; current owner Daniel Lynch


304 E. Madison - home of Thomas Lynch; later the home of Harold Fairbairn; current owners Tim and Christine Heisterkamp


305 N. Pinet - many residents here over the years, including Jess Tucker, then Duane Marsh; home of Elaine's Beauty Salon in the 70's; later residents include J.C. Moore and Lowell Thede; current owners Paul and Pam Hostetler


400 W. Sunset Road - home built by Roscoe Ames; later the home of Raymond Priebe; still later the home of Oscar (Bud) Elkins; later residents include (in order): Robert and Julie Larson, Gloria Brandt (Kelly), and current owners Eric Derry and Anna Andrews


402 E. Madison - home of Clarence Weaver; later the longtime home of Fred Wiedman; more recently Robert and Nora Hadley; current owner Loren Greenough


404 E. State - home of Darrell Campbell; later Blanche Florman, longtime home of Charles Huss; current owners Dennis and Mary Smith


404 W. State - home of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Luther; later the home of Wendell Durlam; current longtime owners David and Rebecca Schroeder


406 W. Madison - residents here include (in order): George Richards, Robert and Julie Fulton, and Laura Morlan; current owners Kathy and Nancy Genco


406 W. Washington - home of Paul and Mabel Borst, Homer and Mabel Borst Rote, and Charles Borst


500 S. Grimmell - home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heath; later Dan Conroy; current owners Brent and Kristy Stoner


505 W. Madison - residents here over the years include (in order): Chas Roeder, Alvin Roeder, and Cindy Forgy


506 W. Monroe - home of Charles Williamson; current owners Brian and Roseanne Costello


507 W. Washington - home built by R.F. Strock; later the longtime home of Mrs. Freda Weber, then Evelyn Weber; later residents include (in order); Dennis Blum, Connie Hamilton, and Chad and Debbie Morton; current owner Tiffany Taylor


611 S. Vine - longtime home of Dr. E. Dean Thompson; more recently Horace and Juliette Hedges; current owner Lou Cory-Myers


617 S. Vine - home of Dr. Wesson; later the longtime home of Luther Reading; currently Scott and Sheila Hebenstreit


705 S. Vine - longtime home of Maude Woolwine; later Barney and Daisy Bryant; later residents here include (in order): Leonard and Barbara Brooker, Jerry Wolterman, Duane Magee, and Cale and Brenda Luther; current owner Eric Eliserio


904 W. Lincolnway - longtime home of Joe Tasler; later Dean and Eva Walker; more recently Jeff and Jill Lamoureux; current owner Penny Holt


905 S. Elm - home of Charles Stotts; the many later residents here include (in order): Clarence Winkleman, Glenn Seelye, Jon Brown, Jean Cranston, and Judy Sigler; current owner Ruth Hanson


906 W. Lincolnway - many residents here over the years include (in order): Mrs. Laurine Kahoe, Gaylon and Emma Harbaugh, and Regina Murphy; current owners Jim and Julie Murphy 


907 S. Elm - home of Carl and Nina Sutton; later residents include (in order): A.L. Berry, Warren Moller, Chuck and Connie Dowling, John and Nedra Elliott, and current owner Keri Wolfe-Guess


908 W. Lincolnway - home of Tom Keith; later (in order): Dennis Morehead, Helen Turza, Dr. Elvin Thompson, and current longtime owners Edward and Marcia Calvert


909 S. Elm - home of Charles Stotts; later Wendell Patten; longtime home of Gene and Linda Grunsted