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I'm madder than Margaret Sanger at a Baptist revival! After years of listening to the abortion debate, I'm here to finally set the record straight! I'm not required to be politically correct, so it won't be too hard. You see, the so-called "pro-life" crowd has been getting away with murder when it comes to their disingenuous use of the English language! Their position is nothing more than a "moral" one - or as I like to say, a "religious" one.

Those who are against abortions have a hidden agenda. What is it, you ask? Well, let's see. We know of many available means at our disposal for significantly reducing the number of abortions. I wonder how many "right-to-lifers" will recommend their implementation? Using condoms is at least 90% effective in eliminating unwanted pregnancies (which are the primary source of abortions). Is the religious right for the use of condoms? NOT! How about the morning-after pill? This is another very effective way of reducing abortions. Are they for this method?? NOT!! How about educating young people about the dangers associated with unsafe sex via our public education system? Would they agree to that, at least??? NOT!!!

Just what exactly do they suggest? ABSTINENCE. That's right. That's it. You see, even though we can effectively reduce the incidence of abortion, they will oppose all of those measures - even if doing so leads directly to more abortions being performed! Do you get it yet? These religious nuts really don't care about abortions - what they REALLY are against is SEX! Ask some religious wing nut with four siblings how many times their parents had sex. Instead of the obvious answer, they think that their folks only had sex the minimum times required to produce five kids - which is the precise number they wanted!

At the religious heart of the anti-abortion movement (and it is purely religious in nature, have no doubt) is a cadre of individuals who are AGAINST HAVING SEX. They have been trying to get people to stop having sex (a natural act performed by all animals, including humans) for thousands of years. Of course, it never works on a large enough scale to achieve their goals, but they are always convinced that maybe in the near future, they will be able to convince mankind to stop having sex!

Don't let them get away with that "just consider adoption" crap, either! Ask them how many kids they've adopted! The answer will inevitably be "zero"! There are 126,000 abortions performed worldwide each day. That makes well over 500 million since 2001! Can you reasonably expect to adopt out 500 million babies every ten years?? Find out just how much you know about abortion by taking the following safe quiz - just follow the link below.

Link - All I know about abortion is that I'm against it!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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